• ICOs

  • Block66

    Block66 is building a new blockchain-enabled marketplace for mortgages. Ended
    2018-09-20 - 2018-10-20
  • BitMED

    BitMED believes access to healthcare can be cost-free while also creating commercial value for everyone involved. Ended
    2018-09-30 - 2018-10-31
  • Alt.Estate

    Alt.Estate is a fintech company offering the protocol for real estate tokenization and the platform to buy and trade tokenized property assets in frac... Ended
    2018-05-30 - 2018-07-31

    A decentralized and token incentivized protocol for the next generation social networks. Ended
    2018-04-18 - 2018-05-18
  • Money By Design

    The Money by Design Blockchain is monetary software that allows people to produce and manage their own tokens. Ended
    2018-09-01 - 2019-01-31
  • H2SOL

    We generate clean energy. We own our power plants. We mine crypto. We own our rigs. Now we're scaling. Ended
    2018-05-01 - 2018-05-31

    PLAAK is a project that began in an effort to find a solution for the perceived incompatibility of incorporating blockchain technology. Ended
    2018-02-28 - 2018-06-01
  • Godzillion

    The New Disruptive Decentralized Marketplace Where People Vote, Fund and Trade Startups. Ended
    2017-08-25 - 2017-09-24
  • Cederis

    Decentralized, Collaborative & Disruptive WISP. Ended
    2018-01-16 - 2018-02-18
  • Eagle Project

    Integrating drone technology to public, private and patrimonial security. Ended
    2017-10-01 - 2017-10-21

    The Neverdie ICO will finance the development of a multi-platform API for monetized gaming infrastructure to support a virtual goods economy. Ended
    2017-06-30 - 2017-09-01
  • TriipMiles

    The reserve ICO in travel with 1.9M hotels in 227 countries and 6,000+ unique local tours in 100 countries. VC backed, 4 years operation, Profitable. Ended
    2019-05-26 - 2018-10-09
  • Intrachain

    The world's first process mining software with integrated blockchain for intra-group cost allocation and transactions. Ended
    2018-12-03 - 2018-12-30
  • Netterium

    The Netterium token is the standard currency used for all transactions between influencers & advertisers on the Netcheckr platform. Ended
    2018-04-30 - 2018-09-30
  • Surveychain

    Market research describes the organized effort to gain and analyze information about target markets and customers. Ended
    2018-05-11 - 2018-06-08
  • Blockpit

    Blockchain agnostic token (Atomic swaps via Blockpit platform). Cooperation with KPMG and Austrian Ministry of Finance. Ended
    2018-10-20 - 2018-11-20
  • MiMiner

    MiMiner (center of equipment hosting) – is a combination of specifically designed rooms, outdoor sites, associated utilities supporting systems and st... Ended
    2018-11-25 - 2018-12-25
  • Auctus

    Smart Contract Powered Retirement Plans. Ended
    2018-04-10 - 2018-04-20
  • Unibright

    The first unified framework for blockchain based business integration. Bringing blockchain technology into the enterprise world. Ended
    2018-04-20 - 2018-05-20
  • Hubezoo

    Unleash the power of quantum blockchain. Ended
    2018-04-30 - 2018-08-30
  • Vesa Token

    Vesa is a fintech startup that allows newbie investors effectively earn on cryptocurrency rates. Ended
    2018-05-01 - 2018-05-27
  • Play2Live

    Driven by blockchain technology, Play2Live creates an ecosystem for streamers, viewers, tournament organizers, and product/service partners. Ended
    2018-02-21 - 2018-03-14
  • Handelion

    Handelion is a revolutionary blockchain ecosystem for co-funded wholesale trade. Ended
    2017-12-15 - 2018-03-31
  • Chain ID

    Most of the certificates are either paper-based or stored in central databases of certifying authorities. This makes them easy to be faked and difficu... Ended
    2018-02-01 - 2018-02-28

    ERPCOIN is a decentralized digital currency in limited supply. Ended
    2018-02-20 - 2018-03-22
  • NOVAcool

    First immersion cooling system for home PC with affordable price, high efficiency and reliability. Ended
    2017-10-26 - 2017-11-23
  • Trivver

    Product placement of 3d objects into XR environments. Ads that live within the context of their environments and dynamically adjust in size. Ended
    2018-06-15 - 2018-09-28
  • Kurecoin

    Kurecoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency built with proof of stake algorithm (PoS) offering the entire cryptocurrency community. Ended
    2018-06-01 - 2018-06-30
  • Befund

    Befund is a set of technology solution to serve fund in fund-raising, investment, mangement and account exit. Ended
    2018-05-16 - 2018-06-16
  • BlueGold

    BlueGold wants to become the next reference currency for Blockchain events. Ended
    2018-08-01 - 2018-12-31
  • Release Project

    Next generation social media dispersed platform. Ended
    2018-11-01 - 2019-04-25
  • SnowdenCoin

    The Snowden Coin offers an annual return on investment and is a security asset token, issued by german stock-listed p2p developer TCU AG. Ended
    2018-09-18 - 2018-11-22

    Forget how you used millions of buttons and switchers. Just think to CONTROL EVERYTHING. Basis Neuro created unique devises with neuro-interface to ma... Ended
    2018-06-15 - 2018-07-15
  • Viva Network

    Finance your home or invest in mortgages around the world. Ended
    2018-07-20 - 2018-11-15
  • n'cloud.swiss

    The target is to establish the cloud platform as a Swiss/European alternative to Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform. Ended
    2018-04-30 - 2018-07-08
  • Hush

    First participative, regulated, tokenized and cryptocurrency compatible bank. Ended
    2018-05-02 - 2018-06-10

    VIARIUM is a platform of virtual and augmented reality for the sale of goods and services. Ended
    2018-09-24 - 2018-10-24
  • Gift Token

    Gift Token is simply a gift card marketplace where gift cards can be purchased by cryptocurrency. Ended
    2018-03-26 - 2018-04-26
  • Playkey

    PLAYKEY will introduce a decentralized cloud gaming platform for miners and gamers, based on P2P and blockchain technologies. Ended
    2017-11-01 - 2017-12-01
  • Helbiz

    Helbiz is a decentralized transportation marketplace that makes renting a vehicle convenient, affordable and rewarding. Ended
    2018-02-15 - 2018-03-04
  • CHEX

    Commodity & Holdings Exchange. Ended
    2017-08-25 - 2017-10-24
  • Filecoin

    The Filecoin network achieves staggering economies of scale by allowing anyone worldwide to participate as storage providers. Ended
    2017-08-10 - 2017-09-10

    ONNCoin is a platform that allows you to trade easily and cost very light. Ended
    2018-01-16 - 2018-03-25
  • TrustedCars Flex

    Award-Winning German Company is changing Car Ownership forever by turning dealerships into innovative mobility providers. Ended
    2018-09-17 - 2018-10-31
  • Pig World

    The Betting activities must abide by consensus mechanisms to ensure that all games played at Pig World are fair 0% Betting fees. Ended
    2018-06-28 - 2018-07-18
  • Gold Mine

    During our Initial Coin Offering everyone is able to buy our GoldMine Tokens. The earned money is used to fund of the exploration. Ended
    2017-10-01 - 2017-10-10
  • VR Platform OKO

    The first decentralized blockchain-based VR platform for 100 % anonymous adult content distribution. Ended
    2017-12-14 - 2018-04-25
  • OpenPoll

    Independent, anonymous, and accurate polling, delivered cheaper via blockchain technology. Ended
    2018-03-31 - 2018-05-15
  • Vipe

    Vipe is an innovative payment system that enables its users to have the most easy to use and reasonably-priced services for cryptocurrencies. Ended
    2018-04-06 - 2018-04-28
  • QASH by Quoine

    At QUOINE, we have successfully launched one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, QUOINEX and QRYPTOS. Ended
    2017-11-06 - 2017-11-08
  • Honor

    Descentralized Ecosystem of On-demand Work. Ended
    2018-01-15 - 2018-02-17
  • Corion Platform

    Capital Optimized Reward Incentive Online Network. Ended
    2017-07-18 - 2017-08-27
  • FreelancerCoin

    FreelancerCoin is an online freelancing platform that is built entirely on Ethereum that provides seamless interactions between freelancers and client... Ended
    2017-12-29 - 2018-03-31
  • PCC

    We developed advanced platform for adult entertainment services, known as PCORN platform. Ended
    2017-09-01 - 2017-11-20
  • REO

    This project is a project to innovate the real estate business system of the world by combining. Ended
    2018-05-05 - 2018-08-04
  • modum

    Data integrity for supply chain operations, powered by blockchain technology. Ended
    2017-09-01 - 2017-10-22
  • DxChain

    DxChain is a big data and machine learning network powered by a computation-centric blockchain with a native protocol token (DX). Ended
    2018-08-03 - 2018-08-06
  • Cryptolux

    Cryptolux is permanently re-inventing and improving itself with clients from over 23 countries and a sold-out initial coin offering. Ended
    2018-10-05 - 2018-11-05
  • Livepeer

    Livepeer is creating a scalable Platform as a Service for developers who want to add live or on-demand video to their project. Ended
    2018-07-21 - 2018-07-27
  • BitNautic

    BitNautic is a trading platform for commodities where importers, exporters, and producers of goods can trade their products all over the globe. Ended
    2018-07-11 - 2018-09-30