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Established in 2013, Yondo is the world's first All-In-One Video Ecommerce solution with thousands of customers in 114 countries. Several customers call Yondo the “Shopify” for Live and Prerecorded video. Yondo allows users to sell digital products including Online Videos On Demand and Create Online Video Courses, Live 1-To-1 Video Sessions, Live Experience Sessions and Webinars. All from their own website with their branding. We are helping bring the use of Cryptocurrencies to the mainstream. Yondo’s Pay-It-Forward rewards system on the blockchain will drive the use of the YondoCoin by its ecommerce solution store owners and their end-users.



Expertory Expert Marketplace Launched


Pivot to Yondo Video Ecommerce Solution


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All-In-One Solution Launched


• Live Experience Pilot Launched • Users in over 100 Countries


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