Chimaera blockchain to manage increasingly complex and appealing game worlds as well as securing and simplifying the ownership, sharing, and trade of virtual assets.

The Chimaera platform achieves this through the democratisation of game development and deployment, allowing developers to bring their vision to life quickly with significantly reduced costs. It will provide a wealth of tools and a state-of-the-art infrastructure for game developers to build their own blockchain-based games. Furthermore, developers can fully leverage the Chimaera technology to issue their own game currency that can be traded for ‘CHI’ (the reserve currency and “fuel” in the Chimaera ecosystem) or other Chimaera game coins and assets.

Additionally to the benefit of gamers, developers can create fully decentralised, autonomous games where players can expect 100% uptime and have provably fair gameplay with true ownership of their in-game items.

Until now scaling has been a major difficulty for blockchains and particularly for massive game worlds and their virtual asset inventories. The Chimaera team has overcome this with world leading breakthroughs in Trustless Off-chain Scaling for games (Game Channels) and Ephemeral Timestamps and will continue to invest strongly in this important and novel field.

The assembled Chimaera team is comprised of the original creators of blockchain gaming, experienced developers, and blockchain and business experts. So whilst this is a new frontier for cryptocurrency and gaming, the assembled team has the experience, insight, and initial designs available to readily solve the challenges ahead. This will usher in a new era of gamechanging blockchain technology and a whole new gaming ecosystem.


Imagine countless millions of players competing and co-operating in decentralised virtual realities that run serverless and unstoppable. Our years of experience have resulted in some of the most innovative technologies in cryptocurrency that ensure safe trading and near infinite scalability. Games hosted on the platform can range from simple turn based collectable games to entire game universes with real-time gameplay. Chimaera opens up the possibilities for new types of game genres such as Human Mining and Decentralised Autonomous Universes.


June, 2013

Chronokings concept announcement Blockchain gaming begins.

August, 2013

Chronokings alpha released.

February, 2014

Huntercoin experiment released World's first decentralised blockchain game (MMO).

October, 2015

Breakthrough - Game Channels Trustless off-chain scaling.

October, 2016

Chimaera concept design.

Q1 - Q2, 2017

Initial team expansions, planning and structuring.

March, 2017

Ephemeral Timestamp concept.

November, 2017

Private Pre-sale begins

Q1, 2018

Public pre-sale begins, Chimaera Core closed beta, On-boarding game developers begins

Q2, 2018

Main ICO, Chimaera Core release, Alpha Developer Hub, Chimaera studio game development

Q3, 2018

Initial, provably fair, decentralised game prototypes, Mobile relay service

Q4, 2018

Beta Developer Hub, Game templates

Q1, 2019

Asset trading platform, Community Hub

Q2, 2019

Incubator, VR/AR toolkit, Advanced Developer Hub