To solve the paradox of having individual data privacy and global data interconnectivity, a team of machine learning specialists, business leaders, and engineers joined forces to create Wizebox: The world’s first blockchain enabled smart home hub and personal assistant that grants access to technology without compromising your right to privacy. We live in an ubiquitous age of smart devices, which are creating granular digital profiles of the people that use them. This Big Data is then sold to the highest corporate bidders, stolen by hackers, or confiscated by the government, influencing what people see, manipulating what they think, and predicting what they will do. Wizebox was built to put a stop to this erosion of privacy. By funneling all the information gathered from your IOTs and search queries through the WizeBit blockchain, Wizebox allows you to have verifiable interactions with other people and external devices without exposing your data or identity. Wizebox has just completed a working prototype of its smart-hub hardware, and uses WizeBit blockchain, which currently also supports OneName.social, Ceek, and GhostDrive. The company already has 20,000+ of users on its social channels.


WizeBox was built by a global team of business leaders and technologists to be the first smart home hub and personal assistant on the blockchain. Founded in 2017 on the belief your data is yours and should work for you, we created WizeBox to encrypt its user’s information, ensuring that a third party isn’t able to exploit, mishandle, or leverage a person’s own data against him or her. Wizebox’s parent company and supporting blockchain solution, Wizebit, specializes in hardware, software, and AI and is powered by a robust developer community and ecosystem funded by WIZE Tokens.


NOV 2017

WizeBox Diamond Concept Design. WizeBox Mini Concept Design. WizeBox UI Design. Assemble Machine Learning Lab. Blockchain Development starts.

FEB 2018

AI Marketplace Design. WizeBit Blockchain Beta 1.0. Wize Storage. Ghost Drive Software (Alfa 0.9). 3D Model Prototype.

MAY 2018

Ghost Drive (Desktop App Beta). Proof of concept. Design Hardware & Software integration. Voice control commands. WizeBit Blockchain v1.0. AI Platform Concept Design.

NOV 2018

Production Manufacturing. Customized Linux OS + Blockchain. File Managing Core. Wize Protocol. Luna AI integration Core (stage 1). WizeBox Beta. Luna AI Platform.

FEB 2019

Stable WizeBox 1.0. Web UI Management Tool. App Marketplace 1.0. LUNA AI integration (stage 2). Mining Pool Activated.