WeBuy On-Demand solution enables Buyers to chose when and why they can be reached by Sellers and whether or not they should be reached in the first place. If the Buyer opt to be reached, he gets rewarded for being contacted with no buying commitment. Leveraging geolocational tools, Sellers can control and wisely allocate their ad budgets, ensuring they are targetting the right market. This breakthrough solution eliminates the clogs that has been backing up the system by completely removing the source of this congestion out of play: middlemen. WeBuy is an advanced BE-commerce platform accessed through a mobile application, based on a complex web of virtual marketplaces, created and governed by users of the platform (Buyers). WeBuy aims to:

  • Remove the barriers preventing millions of businesses around the world going online and help them maximize sales. Platform features enable Sellers to create their online presence instantly at zero cost.
  • Allow consumers to be the main recipients of online advertising spend. Hundreds of billions of dollars are paid to attract buyers. With WeBuy it’s the buyers who receive most of that money.
  • Optimize communication between Sellers and Buyers to facilitate increased lead generation, speed up decision making and cut transaction costs and eliminate unneeded fees.
It will grow into a comprehensive global network by individual consumers creating virtual marketplaces by inviting stores and new consumers to join WeBuy. In turn, those consumers are compensated using a part of the amounts spent by their stores and service providers (“Sellers”) on advertising to WeBuy users. Active buyers in WeBuy earn money as partners. The more active they are, the more they can earn. Every dollar spent on WeBuy advertising will be distributed between the consumer who sees the advertisement, the consumer who introduced the Seller to WeBuy and the platform itself via a Community Engagement Compensative program.


On-demand Platform for Buyers and Sellers on the Blockchain. WeBuy is an innovative, decentralized economy, reinventing the relationship between Buyers and Sellers.


Q2 2018

Start PreSeed. Continue development. Expand the professional ​team

Q3 2018

Private ​Sale ​to be open. First​ version of ​the ​platform ​ready

Q4 2018

System ​fine ​tuning​ based on ​first ​pilot ​results

Q1 2019

Platform​ goes ​live in​ a​ number​ of ​geos. Continue development of new ​features

Q2 2019

Fine ​tuning the ​system

Q3–Q4 2019

Preparing​ the​ system ​for​ DAC ​operation. Pilot​ of​ DAC ​in ​one​ geo

Beginning of 2020

Start​ act in g​as ​DAC. Moving​ to​ open ​Source


The ​rest​ depends​ on​ WeBuy ​community