Vesa Token


Vesa is a blockchain service for trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. There are two parties on the market. First, there are investors who want to earn from exchange rates but don't have expertise. Second, there are traders who successfully trade on exchanges and are looking for sources of enlarging their capital. The main Vesa's feature Vesa keeps track of all trade actions performed by a trader and duplicates them in the investor's account. Thus, the investor gets the opportunity to trade successfully on the exchange, while the trader receives commission for copy trading – ready assets that they can use further in trade. Uniqueness Vesa allows copy trading on different exchanges through API. That is, the trader can work on one exchange and all his actions will be copied into the investor's account on the other exchange. It makes the project a universal tool for earning on cryptocurrencies. Format Vesa is just a service giving you the technical opportunity for copy trading, offering you a list of traders based on the long-term analysis of the trading strategies, the investment portfolio, and trading statistics for investors. The project doesn't have a trading platform and doesn't keep users' money. It is a kind of a superstructure over cryptocurrency exchanges which unites them. Tokens The project's VSA tokens will be used for paying out commissions to traders and for trading freely on exchanges. Investors will buy VSA via their personal account and transfer them to the trader's account, who will exchange the tokens for fiat money or other cryptocurrencies. In order to stabilize the exchange rate, there is a reserve token fund. Presale is scheduled for 18 December 2017 to 18 January 2018. Public Sale will take place from 28 January to 28 February 2018. The stage that is currently being implemented is Private Sale, when medium and large investors can buy tokens at a discount of up to 60%. Degree of Project Completion There are currently a pre-alpha version of the project, iOS and Android apps. After Presale, the public alpha version will be ready, and in early May 2018, we will launch a fully-fledged working project. Development Vesa can be very well scaled. The idea of the project can be applied not only to the cryptocurrency market but also to the stock one. Besides, the future project development will likely involve setting up our own cryptocurrency exchange, cryptowallets, integration of leverage, personal API, social media features. Team Vesa is developed by an international team experienced in cryptocurrency fintech projects. We want to apply our experience and knowledge to implement a large project with a unique idea and considerable scaling of the project in the future.


Vesa is a fintech startup that allows newbie investors effectively earn on cryptocurrency rates. By means of the project, investors can automatically repeat the chosen trader's actions on the exchange, paying them a small commission. Instead of chaotic first steps on the market, investors follow a proven trading strategy of an experienced trader. And traders get an additional income for their trading talents. As a result, it gets easier and safer for new investors to enter the cryptocurrency market, which has a positive effect on cryptocurrency capitalization and popularity.



Private sale


Pre sale, 3% Advertising campaign Public alpha-version


Public sale, 63%


Public beta-version The implementation of the copy trading functions, traders directory, investment portfolio, Statistics and Analytics. Integration with Poloniex, collecting data from 5 major exchanges. Licenses to exchange cryptocurrencies, expanding the team to 11 people


VSA-tokens on the exchanges Start trade tokens project on 3 cryptocurrency exchanges Free using project period


The development of private exchange The creation of cryptocurrency exchanges, adding 2 new exchanges to copy trades and run full featured mobile apps for investors. The establishment of a reserve fund The start of the pay period with fees for copying transactions


The launch of the exchange Work on the internal exchange project for 10 currency pairs testing the cross-market copy trading Obtaining licences to receive fiat currencies Obtaining licenses for working with invest-funds


Expansion of functionality The launch of mobile applications for traders, integration leverage , create a personal API 5 adding cryptocurrency exchanges to copy trades Expanding the team to 20 people The replenishment of the reserve fund 10% of fees


Wallet and apps Creating crypto wallet with mobile apps for investors, trading mobile app for traders, a social network-based platform, Appendix 3 exchanges for copy trading. Expanding the team to 35 people


Local offices The opening of offices in London, Dubai and Tokyo for work with local Fiat investors Registration of a commercial broker on the securities market. Implementation of trading in securities on the platform.


$35M hard cap