The reason we're building yet another social network. Social networks are awesome.

They connect us, help us share treasured moments with our loved ones and provide us with funny cat videos.

Sadly, nowadays social networks aren’t so muchabout connecting people, instead they are allabout making as much money as possible out ofpeople, no matter the consequences. Forexample the loss of privacy. We want to dobetter, which is exactly why at Broomstickk we’redoing things differently. Safe applications All applications will be reviewed by us. We will make sure they:

  • only request the needed information
  • have the exact location of your data available for you, at all times
  • delete all your information if you’d revoke the permission
  • have an emergency plan in case of a data leak, and will notify us/you immediately if that were to happen
Once they meet these strict guidelines they will have a badge below their logo. On your personal dashboard you can pinpoint the exact locations of your shared data, revoke application’s access and best of all, request deletion.


A Worldwide Decentralized Social Networking Site. In the light of the fact that data privacy is the biggest concern, we are proud to launch Broomstickk as the safest socializing experience to people at large. It not only operates on its own blockchain system but also has its own currency - VENUS. We at Broomstickk will make it possible for people to use cryptocurrency in their day to day life as we are merging the world of Social Media, e-commerce, Gaming and much more for an exquisite experience for the consumers, influencers and brands.