Value Ticket Coin


The Worlds Leading Sports Betting Platform is the world's No.1 sports betting platform offering a revolutionized Live "Cashout" featurecalled “VT Cashout” on all sports, in real time and at any time on all betting markets and anywhere in the world in combination with real-time odds.
This Cashout Option lets you take the profit early if your bet is coming in, or get some of your stake back if your bet is going against you - all before the eventyou`re betting on is over.


Value Ticket is a disruptive technology for the Online Sports Betting and Gambling Industry. Value Ticket Coin VTT is a Cryptocurrency payment solution powered by blockchain technology.


July, 2014

Development of VTBet Platform.

November, 2015


June, 2016

Private Beta Release.

January, 2017

6 Month Stress Testing & First Beta Release.


Crowdsale of VTT Coins will be announced.