With online gambling market projected to reach nearly $60B by 2020, both the quickly-evolving regulatory landscape and criminal practices turn away consumers reducing their trust and peace of mind. Here at Unilot, we made it our strategic priority to successfully tackle regulatory limitations that vary drastically from one jurisdiction to another, and mitigate consumer mistrust. To deal with regulations, games offered through Unilot will vary based on the player's geographic location. We are building an intelligent system capable of detecting which games to offer and which ones to lock. Furthermore, Unilot continues to secure licenses in various jurisdictions to expand its user-base. Unilot leverages decentralized gaming on blockchain to effectively address consumer mistrust, featuring some core fair-play fundamentals:

  • Unilot runs on Smart Contacts to keep games' records open and transparent and players' funds in independent escrow, outside Unilot's reach.
  • Unilot explicitly eliminated the possibility of having a view access to the deck, thus preventing so-called "God Mode" that plagued online gaming industry for years.
  • Our goal is to reinvigorate online gambling with Ethereum blockchain, radically improving end-user experience through player-self-managed identification, absurdly low fees, and inviolable guarantee of instant pay on winnings.

  • Intro:

    Unilot is a decentralized gambling platform which allows players to play and host online games like poker tournaments, lottery and many other games. Unilot will be available through mobile apps on iOS and Android platforms and transact using Unilots as it’s main currency. Unilot is driven by an important social mission in its core: to build the world's most transparent, secure, and diverse betting platform. The project allows to lead gaming industry to totally new level giving elimination of deposit risk, gameplay fairness and transparency. At Unilot platform all users can host their own games and earn money honestly. Unilot is all about a more balanced and fair gambling network. Using Ethereum network and Ethereum smart contracts it eliminates costly server hosting fees and disputes arising from handling players' funds.


    June 2017

    Unilot successful seed-funding round

    September 2017

    Board of Advisors and MVP ready to roll

    December 2017

    Pre-ICO arrangements and closed testing

    January 2018

    ICO first stage kick-off with up to 25% of ICO equity offered

    February 2018

    ICO second stage with up to 100% of ICO equity offered.

    March 2018

    Unilot beta launch under Malta Remote Gaming Licence.

    June 2018

    BTC Auction and reality lotteries next games release.

    August 2018

    Decentralized platform priority regions localization complete with hosted games and white label options.

    November 2018

    Comprehensive peer betting prognostication and totalizer functionality on hosted games and white label platform.