Non-cash transactions are as old as humanity itself. From the exchange of goods in ancient Greece to the use of shell beads by Native Americans, history is rife with examples like these. In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto published a white paper to design Bitcoin, As of jan 2018, Bitcoin is the most valued cryptocurrency in the world. Following the release of Ethereum and the main-streaming of cryptocurrencies, there are thousands of cryptocurrencies exceeding US $700b in marketing capitalization. Cryptocurrency’s wide appeal is that it allows users to conduct transactions in an evolving, transparent and rapidly growing payment ecosystem of trading platforms, payment processors, e-wallets, and more, with increasing investment appeal. It is touted for both the speed and low (or no) cost of transactions. In addition, the public block chain protects users from double payments and chargebacks.


We are the world's first fully robo crypto bank serving the unbanked . UnbankedX is the number-one neo bank with users a support community from 70 countries and 700 over cities. We are profitably serving thousands of users in 15 markets.


January, 2017

Developed idea of using crypto and blockchain to finance trade between countries.

September, 2017

Expedition to Kenya. 1000 pilot users signed upt Bootstrap seed investment and prototyping begins.

January, 2018

Mozambique cotton cooperative expresses interest in their 100,000 farmers. We are using our platform to run credit risk analysis and onboarding those that pass our autonomous logic. We added more countries and partnerships. Speaking to major mobile money telecos in the region to integrate with their 100 million subscribers.


Complete Presale and Token Sale. Release mobile app List on key exchanges. Grow users towards 500,000.


Release own protocol. Grow users to 1,000,000.