The United Crypto Mining Group Project is built by United Crypto Mining Group LLC, a U.S. company (“United Crypto Mining Group” or “Company”), which offers mining hosting services and sells mining equipment to customers worldwide. United Crypto Mining Group is a full-service mining solution provider. United Crypto Mining Group offers turnkey mining services or custom packages tailored to clients’ needs: full range of mining services from hosting, maintenance and repair to private blockchain servicing. The Partner offers equipment sales through United Crypto Mining Group’s web site. United Crypto Mining Group’s standard turnkey solution includes purchase and delivery of mining equipment through its Partner with its subsequent setup and hosting at United Crypto Mining Group partner’s facilities, with hosting fees starting as low as 4.5 USD cents/kW/hour, zero setup fees (for equipment purchased through its Partner) and uniquely low minimum facility entrance threshold of 1 miner of any model. United Crypto Mining Group can host a wide range of mining equipment models commonly used by miners; many popular models are offered for sale by its Partner. United Crypto Mining Group also offers a variety of custom packages and services, so that clients who own their mining equipment, including the models not distributed by United Crypto Mining Group’s Partner, can still host it at United Crypto Mining Group’s facility: United Crypto Mining Group can accommodate any ASIC or GPU- based miners.


The first international platform that provides access to remote mining to customers around the world. On UCMG platform you can: • acquire mining equipment; • sent your own mining equipment to the suitable remote farm; • acquire tokens that gives the right to use the capacities of our farms; • lease tokens to those who did not have enough time to purchase them during the initial offer; • to choose on what farm to mine, that will promote healthy competition and optimal condition for cooperation; • rent out your own mining farm capacities.


26 Mar - 01 Apr

User registration.

02 Apr - 08 Apr

Early Sale.

09 Apr - 15 Apr

Pre Sale.

16 Apr - 22 Apr

1 week of ICO.

23 Apr - 29 Apr

2 week of ICO.

30 Apr - 06 May

3 week of ICO.

07 May - 13 May

4 week of ICO.

14 May - 20 May

5 week of ICO.

21 May - 27 May

6 week of ICO.