Along with the development of the Internet, the number of “Japanese Anime” fans is exploding worldwide. However, anime studios and individual creators have been still working in a harsh work environment with very little incentive despite of this global boom. If this situation continues, it is unavoidable that the quality of Japanese anime culture will deteriorate. We believe that we can make an unprecedented innovation against this severe circumstances surrounding anime creators by blockchain technology. The creators will be able to deliver their own masterpieces straight to their fans (C2C: Creator to Customer) through a decentralized platform which directly connects creators and anime fans. We should stop being so sensitive to some influential stakeholders when working on projects. Let’s create very successful anime together with anime fans, that everyone around the world knows such as “Studio Ghibli works” and “Your Name (Kimi no na wa)”, shall we?


We can make an unprecedented innovation against the today's severe circumstances surrounding anime creators by utilizing blockchain technology. The “C2C(Creator to Customer) Anime Production System” which is a decentralized crowdfunding platform for fund raising, production and distribution for anime works will be realised in this Project.


Q4 2018

TWC token sale. Begin Platform Development.

Q1 2019

Release TS first anime “Hakubo” in theaters.

Q2 2019

Release β version of platform. Found an educational institution for creators.

Q4 2019

Release the commercial version of platform. Consider listing of TWC on overseas exchange. Launch crowdfunding by other studio and creators.Crowdfunding for the TS second Anime.

Q2 2020

Release a DEX for DIT trading.


Establish a dedicated theater. Optimize creators’ employment environment.Release TS second anime in theaters Crowdfunding for the TS third Anime. Release the TS third anime in theaters.