TravelBlock will introduce the new generation of travel by eliminating the traditional Global Distribution System and going through the blockchain. By taking this route there will be significant advantages over utilizing existing frameworks and applications. It's low cost, pseudonymous, secure, immutable, irreversible and transparent for the public. By being part of TravelBlock using your (TRVL) tokens, you will have an average of 30% to 60% discount on your vacation needs, through our private consumer platform available only to (TRVL) token holders. Thanks to strategic bulk purchasing we are able to offer some of the best deals on the market. We assure you that wherever your travels lead you to, you'll always get what you want, where you want, when you want it.


TravelBlock helps connect consumers to vacation providers with an easy to use, low cost and effective system. Unlike other ICOs we have the service already created, we will reward visitors with bonuses and include special packages on select destinations. Thanks to blockchain technology Travel's about to experience a paradigm shift, just like it did more than a decade ago with the OTAs (Online Travel Agents). By avoiding the traditional Global Distribution System (3rd Party) we'll be able to secure the best rates possible. TravelBlock already has a working platform, all the affiliations & partnerships in place and a combined experience of over 50 years in the industry. 14,000,000 hotel rooms is quite a number to work with. We'll also be sponsors at a few of the upcoming conferences such as the Dallas Bitcoin Superconference and visitors will be able to view our platform live!


Q2, 2017

SECURING PARTNERSHIP WITH TOP TRAVEL PROVIDERS. TravelBlock has connected with the leading companies in the industry to ensure success.

Q3, 2017

ESTABLISHING THE NETWORK. The TravelBlock technology was established and developed.

Q4, 2017

DEVELOPING THE INFRASTRUCTURE. TravelBlock’s platform will be finished to prepare for the coins and for user experience.

Q4 2017 / Q1 2018

MIDST OF PRE-SALE PREPARATIONS. The TravelBlock team is getting ready to attend and sponsor multiple Bitcoin conferences.

Q1 / Q2, 2018

TRVL CROWDSALE. Pre-Sale March 3rd,2018 ICO May, 2018.

Q3, 2018

COIN/NETWORK INTEGRATION. TravelBlock will connect TRVL coins to the TRVL platform.

Q4, 2018

TRVL DEBIT CARD. TravelBlock will partner up with one of the leading providers of card services to build a BTC/ETH/TRVL capable service.


WORLD EXPANSION PROGRAM. We will introduce a new campaign to increase our grip on certain popular destinations and to further open up offices in those places.