We are a team with many years of experience on the financial market (HighFrequency Trading “HFT”) and experts in product development. At present, we are focusing on building new cryptocurrency trading platforms, as we believe in the impressive capabilities of the Blockchain technology that will revolutionize and disrupt the financial markets. At TIBRIX LIMITED (“TIBRIX”) we listen to our customers and understand that different traders have different needs, some of them prefer quick execution while other traders prefer decentralization of order execution. The innovative and decentralized TIBRIX platform allows users to create own Events with Smart Contracts. The platform has been built to simplify this creation with a few clicks. From now  everyone on TIBRETH can build their own business within the TIBRIX community. Creators of Events will get on every trade a creator fee for their expertise, effort of promoting, managing and providing liquidity.


Creating new, stable and scalable solutions by combining and integrating High-Frequency Trading principles with Blockchain technology. TIBRIX allows participants to exchange cryptocurrencies or exchange anything of value with Smart Contracts.


2017 Q1

Preparations TIBRIX platforms

2017 Q2

MANYCOINS project started

2017 Q3

Building TIBRETH started.

2017 Q4

Preparing ICO

2018 Q1

Pre-Sale started.

2018 Q2

July: Whitepaper launched. August: Launching ICO and MVP.

2018 Q3

Launching prototype platforms.

2018 Q4

TIBRETH mobile DAPP and API.

2019 Q1

TIBRETH mobile DAPP and API.

2019 Q2

And many more to come! (Stable Coin and Basket)