Teledactyl is being developed as an original Personal Health Record (PHR) Blockchain system for the healthcare industry that has the ability to store and share patient information—like a patient’s health record—digitally through the most secured encrypted transmission platform known today.

In addition, it will offer cryptocurrency utility tokens used by those who do or do not have third-party insurance in exchange for health services. Teledactyl is a total solution for the new generation of healthcare.


Blockchain and Crypto Health Tech Company “Teledactyl” seeks to Disrupt Healthcare Market. Teledactyl is the first U.S blockchain-based healthcare ecosystem with its own cryptocurrency payment system and is on a mission to restore and optimize patient-provider relationships. “The advent of blockchain technology has been all the buzz in the realm of healthcare IT and is proving to be much more than the backbone of encrypted, anonymous electronic fund transfers.


August 2017

Healthcare Blockchain Brainstorming

September 2017

Technology And Market Research

January 2018

Discovery And Refinement

February 2018

Cryptocurrency Utilization In Healthcare

March 2018

Team Building And Recruitment

May 2018

Launch Website And Release White Paper

July 2018

Private Tokensale

August 2018

Public Tokensale

Q4 2018

Begin building prototype and integrating waves, civic, and arweave protocols and list on at least one exchange outside of waves dex

March 2019

Test and launch teledactyl dapp (alpha) for medical record storage & management and patient onboarding & payments

Q2 2019

Add telemedicine and medical testing apps to teledactyl network

Q3 2019

Open teledactyl platform to accept third-party apps and release financing solution for indepedent medical practitioners

Q4 2019

Develop partnerships with health insurance providers

Q4 2020

Test on-blockchain insurance payments and decentralized insurance network