We are based in South Korea with a global focus for our targets: the SyncoChain ecosystem and product suite have been devised to enable and deliver a step change from the services dominating the international market today. Building on our connected community, Synco is providing the tightly coupled set of services and capabilities that we and our member businesses and investors have experienced are required, but missing, across the ICO space. Our goal for Synco is to deliver an end-to-end, inclusive platform that remains true to the original values of blockchain and which offers benefits, rewards and compensation to participants of all levels and backgrounds for their participation and engagement in our community. While providing secure access facilitating all levels of investors to access – and learn about – ICOs, Synco has also devised and are implementing SyncoiTrade and SyncoInsure, two unique and exclusive (patent filing in progress) mechanisms which removes barriers to investment and participation. SyncoiTrade enables direct, P2P trading between investors at any point posttoken purchase, while SyncoInsure protects investors from ICOs which are unsuccessful in fund raising. These features not only add great value to our communities, I am confident also that they will revolutionise early-stage investments and exits across security and utility token offerings.


SyncoChain offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to benefit the global blockchain community. Syncochain aims to simplify the complexities, remove the barriers, make connections, and further enable the disruptions taking place across the expanding cryptocurrency markets by offering the following services. • SyncoEvents: Weekly, monthly and biannual meetups, symposiums, and conferences hosted by Synco • SyncoSpace: Blockchain and cryptocurrency-focused shared workspace facilities, currently operating as Blockchain Center Seoul in South Korea • SyncoHood: A community platform for users to exchange opinion, information, and content related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies • SyncoRamp: Business accelerator for blockchain startups • SyncoMedia: On/offline media generation and distribution platform leveraging Synco’s current media businesses • SyncoAcademy: On/offline blockchain and cryptocurrency education and mentoring service, currently operating as Blockchain Academy • SyncoPay: Real-time payments using SYNCO (and other cryptocurrencies), enabled by Synco’s partner FuzeX • SyncoLaunch: Online ICO launch support platform through which individual investors pool their funds to collectively evaluate and participate in ICOs • SyncoDAX (CHAINB): A cryptocurrency exchange that puts security and integrity first, primarily listing tokens introduced through SyncoLaunch • SyncoPool: Reserve and token value-add mechanism to which a portion of Synco revenues will be pooled, and from which community rewards will be paid out • SyncoNet: Blockchain main net supporting the creation of dApps on the platform, to be developed in the longer term The SYNCO token is the underlying payment mechanism for all products and services available in our ecosystem. Enabled by our unique SyncoPool mechanism and a flexible reserves methodology, this token manages frictionless trusted transfers between cryptocurrencies and provides access to (and rewards for utilizing) the products and services of SyncoChain.



ICO Crowd Asia Launched; Token Economy Symposiums Launched; Blockchain Academy Launched; Strategic Partnership with FuzeX; ICO Crowd Japan Launched.

Q1 2018

Successful Private Sale Completed; SyncoDAX Development Commences.

Q2 2018

ICO Crowd Vietnam Launched; 1st Pre-Sale Begins; 2nd Pre-Sale Begins; SyncoLaunch (first release).

Q3 2018

Public ICO Begins; SyncoDAX (first release); SyncoHood (first release); SyncoiTrade (first release).

Q4 2018

Launch of SyncoPay Card; Partnerships with other Exchanges; System Integration with FuzeX.


SyncoNet (beta release).