Saisho is an online art marketplace whose selling prices are governed by transparent and objective market criteria, giving the buyers the chance to acquire original artworks with a clear understanding of its value and facilitating access for every artist to the market under equal conditions. Through Saisho ICO, a parallel platform to Saisho, we are launching a completely new democratized art patronage system worldwide giving the investors the opportunity to discover within Saisho the most talented and valuable artists of the XXI century.


Saisho is the organized, decentralized, liquid and stable market ecosystem that connects artists, collectors and patrons to facilitate the creation of quality works, artistic patronage and investment in artworks throughout the planet. In Saisho, anyone can understand the rules and why an artist is more valued than another. This system allows us to determine which artists (according to the market) have more liquidity and which of them will have more probabilities to succeed in the following years.



Business Model Market Analysis -Surveys- SPV Legal Constitution Seed Funding 10k €


Partnering With Art Stakeholders SAISHO Curators Network Alpha Platform Testing 100 First Artworks Selection SAISHO ICO Art Patronage Model Feedback Gathering From Art Stakeholders


SAISHO Beta Marketplace First Sales Legal Framework Design - Legal Advisors Selection FFF & Business Angels Funding 375k € Venture Capital Funding 125k € SAISHO Marketplace Launching SAISHO ICO Launching


Virtual Reality Implementation Artists Voting Phase First Artist Token Issuance Artworks Tokenization at SAISHO's Marketplace Machine Learning Implementation (SAISHO's Rankings) Big Data Implementation (Customer Experience)