Rise Housing


Homeownership has traditionally been the path to a secure financial future. Yet with homeownership on a historic decline, home equity is no longer achievable for many. This has diminished the middle class and led to rising inequality. The reality is that equity-driven wealth is out of touch for many. Rise is a transformative platform that provides equity access to real estate for tenants -- and rapid liquidity for asset owners. We are committed to the democratization of equity. Through the power of blockchain technology, we partner with real estate firms to expand equity access in the traditional market. We serve the same users as our strategic partners: 1) the rent to own/rent with right to purchase model for tenants to become homeowners, 2) the international membership model for tenants to become homeowners who want to be able to move without without losing their accrued equity, and 3) the real estate investor who wants to gain access to the returns provided by the real estate market orgain liquidity from their real estate asset.  The Rise Platform allows people of all walks of life to access equity-tied returns through the means, and at prices, that fit their lifestyle. Our platform drastically reduces the fees associated with traditional models and opens up a new asset trading market for global trading.  Rise Tokens are linked to the value of real estate, and will be traded on the Rise platform Rise Tokens are linked to the value of real estate, and will be traded on the Rise platform. The Rise Platform believes in sustainable growth, integrity in governance, and social impact that create a virtuous circle for tenants, asset owners, and Rise token holders. Rise Tokens are linked to the value of real estate, and will be traded on the Rise platform. Rise enables asset owners to unlock the value of their assets by creating and selling their asset tokens on the blockchain.


Rise Housing is changing the way real estate investment works with cryptocurrency tokens. We're helping tenants gain an entry point to ownership and helping property owners gain liquidity.


JAN 2018

Seed Round Open.

APR 2018

ICO Launch. App Developed.

JUNE 2018

ICO Closes.

July 2018

Full Functionality of Rise Marketplace. First Real Estate Asset Announced on Rise Platform. Rise Wallet and Smart Contracts Developed. Rise Wallet Development.

AUG 2018

Back Office Functionality Development.

SEPT 2018

Diverse Real Estate Assets Announced on Rise Platform.

MAR 2019

Expansion to International Asset Offerings on Rise Marketplace.

JULY 2019

Scaling of Rise Asset Token Trading.