RentalCurrency (RENC) Coin is a specialized block-chain research community group located in Seoul and Singapore, group of researchers who develops rental services that can provide services by improving the lives of consumers, We have developed a platform to meet our needs and are constantly upgrading to create a credible currency that everyone can trust. Such a block-chain platform is basically based on ethereum block chain technology, and smart contract function is basically configured to secure stability according to consumption patterns and transactions of various consumers, and the solidity programming language. RENC can be stored, used and traded through a decentralized, block-chained e-wallet and encrypted currency exchange service so that it can have a stabilized exchange rate. RENC can be used by anyone who is professional or nonprofessional to extract and trade the assets of RENC encryption currency, to promote all the rental service transactions around the world, to accumulate asset value and to provide convenience and benefit to distribute anytime and anywhere It will be the main means of equipping. The RentalCurrency platform builds and delivers a global, decentralized network of mutual benefits for all users, and simplicity, security, cost savings, speed, and reliability are key. To achieve this goal, the RENC crypto currency Platform opens all the sources to be used by anyone interested in the market to maintain a secure wallet, unified exchange system, and stable exchange rate from the time of design. Building trust in these RENC crypto currencies is of paramount importance. Through the following plans, we want to explain the essential features of the system, including the platform structure and usage rules. We will also look at the future of the platform, and look at the planned additional features and features, as well as the potential benefits of innovative technology.


RENC is a P2P car sharing service platform which anyone can participate in this platform anywhere and anytime globally, and a open source ecosystem. RENC P2P sharing and blockchain project started with interest in a shareable vehicle which can be available to share their resources with each other on the mobile platform. P2P Car sharing provide a solution of the world from economic and environmental problems based on sharing consensus for each other's interests. The goal of RENC group is to contribute to the mutual growth of humanity. RENC tokens empower an entire security ecosystem and have incentive participation from a sharing community for both of consumers and providers, small-medium business customers, individual consumers, as well as enterprise and investors.



Platform Planning. Team Building. RENC Foundation. Development Phase #1.

2018.1Q ~ 2Q

RENC Token Generation. LAB Establishment. RENC 1st Pre-Sale lead-up. Incentive System Launch. Advisors, Influencers engagement. Development Phase #2.

2018.3Q ~ 4Q

RENC Marketing & Presales, Bounty Campagin, and others. P2P Integrated exchange. RENC Platform Design and Implementation. Incentive System Launch. Multifunctional Wallet Launch. Development Phase #3.

2019.1Q ~ 2Q

Expansion of RENC Community. API,s DAPP’s to connect the special RENC features to the other wallets. Integration at at least 5 further most used crypto-currency. Common Criteria certificate. MOU with allies for RENC Community Networking.


RENC Platform Public Service launching. Switching to own blockchain Infrastructure. Payment Gateway integration with automatic rental currency. Engaging shopping communities with cashback system for rental service. Global Roadshow. Third Party integration.