Qobit is an all-in-one cryptocurrency investment ecosystem with a strong focus on user experience, social trading and knowledge sharing. The Qobit platform is built with simplicity, functionality, and security in mind. It is an invaluable tool - well suited for both seasoned and beginner investors. Qobit allows beginner investors to enter the highly lucrative crypto assets market with reduced risk and let seasoned traders offer value-added services to their follower base and be rewarded with tokens from their followers.


Qobit.com, is a social Trading & Investment platform for the cryptocurrency world. Qobit is a single unified platform allowing traders to manage and trade on multiple exchange accounts. Qobit offers possibility to co-invest with successful traders and fund managers in the crypto space. Our traders and funds managers' performance are tracked and verified by the Qobit platform, spend less time on multiple exchange accounts and successfully manage customer portfolio across different exchanges. Ultimately, Qobit removed counterpart risk by securing investors’ funds in smart contracts.


Q4 2017

Historical / Realtime data collection. Cross-Region High Availability and Load Balancing.

Q1 2018

Price Watch. Portfolio Tracker - Integration with exchanges. Alert - Price / Technical Indicator Tracking. MVP release.

Q2 2018

News / Event Aggregation. Market Calendar. Cross Exchange Trading - 3 Exchanges.

Q3 2018

News / Event Moderation. Cross Exchange Trading - 8 Exchanges. Wallet Tracker. Price Movement Bot.

Q4 2018

Copy Trading - Manual. News / Event Crowdsource & Moderation. Cross Exchange Trading - 20 Exchanges. Universal Wallet.

Q1 2019

Automated Trading Engine. Copy Trading - Auto. Token Exchange Engine. Order Book Consolidation.

Q2 2019

Fund Wallet. Automated Investment Engine. Index Fund Platform.

Q3 2019

Sentiment Analysis Bot. Fiat Gateway.