Peer2group has been around since 2016 and it's made of several companies in different jurisdictions, with a passionated team behind it. As regulatory frameworks advance, we plan to work closely to keep everything compliant and find best opportunites. We are focused on delivering the best product experience to the community and devoted to build fair & peer based economies.

Our operations are currently distributed among:
Unlimited Web Services INCPeer2Cash liquidity platform.

Unlimited Web Services LTD.Main holding company. Software services provider.

Blocktech services LLC. Mining and crypto Buy & Sell services.

Datasoftlayer Services SRL.Cryptocurrency Buy & Sell services.


Pungo token is the digital token that Peer2group is creating to build a digital economy within our products and its backed by revenue from our different launched products. As of today Peer2.cash fiat gateway, Peer2.krd crypto card loading service and Pungo.app Light Wallet have been launched and part of the revenue they generate accumulates into a Public Buyback Fund that guarantees that Pungo Tokens have real value backing them. The Buy back fund is controlled by ​Inlea Foundation through its ​Opening Chain project​ to guarantee full transparency of the Buyback Fund.