Through the Platio Smart Banking Ecosystem (“Platio Ecosystem”), our goal is to make cryptocurrency a widespread means of payment by increasing its utility. Our focus is to provide traditional financial services to the digital currencies community in a secure and compliant way. We believe that the global community needs a solution that takes the best features from both, new and traditional financial systems and gives the world economy an opportunity to embrace the growing digital economy. The Platio Ecosystem will be based on a seamlessly operated mobile and web interface, where users will have all the necessary data and tools at their fingertips to instantly transact with crypto, fiat or stock. Platio’s platform will be built on EOS technology, capable of hosting smooth, routine interactions of Platio’s multilayered ecosystem. Our digital management solution will be built into this robust infrastructure, and will work with crypto, fiat and stocks. The absence of harmonized international regulatory frameworks for the sale and use of cryptocurrency has impeded its adoption and the growth of global markets in digital assets. The Platio Ecosystem will facilitate financial operations in fiat, crypto and common stocks all within one ecosystem. It will also enhance the utility of crypto assets with two unique products: Asset Guard and Smart Escrow.


Platio is the banking solution for businesses that need to seamlessly and securely manage both crypto and traditional currencies. Powered by EOS blockchain technology, Platio enables users to pay salaries and suppliers with whichever asset they choose, by card or instant transfer. Platio will meet the banking needs of the new crypto-fiat economy, empowering our users to take advantage of the best of both crypto and mainstream finance. Platio will also offer Asset Guard and Smart Escrow, innovative built-in safeguards for crypto assets and transactions. These are set to increase confidence in crypto as an asset and drive its global adoption. Platio is an international fintech company licensed by the FCA and headquartered in London. The company holds European licenses for crypto operations and is an Authorised Payment Institution.



MVP Platform: Exchange and Payment card

Q1 2019

Payments and Remittances: SWIFT/SEPA/RIPPLE/OCT Invoicing (1.0)

Q2 2019

Processing for online- merchants (1.0.)

Q3 2019

Internal transfers (1.0) Exchange and Brokerage (1.0) Asset Guard (1.0) Platio Blockchain Launch

Q4 2019

Tokenization of assets on Platio Blockchain Payments and remittances: SWIFT/SEPA/RIPPLE/OCT (2.0) Payment cards (2.0) Invoicing and Processing for online-merchants (2.0) Smart Escrow (1.0)

Q1 2020

Internal transfers (2.0) Exchange and Brokerage (2.0) Asset Guard (2.0)

Q2 2020

Smart Escrow (2.0) Platio Smart Banking Ecosystem