Peur is a truly decentralized marketplace and used as payroll integration. Peur platform is a brand new innovation and unique marketplace service that allows anyone from beginners to experts:  to invest in and manage digital assets,  to buy and sell products & services, to serve as a currency for in-app payment.

Security and Integrity
Use blockchain technology to deliver world‐class security and uncompromised integrity.

Decentralized Technology

The network cannot be manipulated by anyone.

Public Transparency

The blockchain is publicly viewable by all parties creating transparency and all transactions are perpetual.

Low Cost

Without intermediaries, the blockchain greatly reduces transaction cost.

Trust and Reputation

Peur makes commerce transparent and trustworthy. Peur smart contract eliminates the possibility of fraud for both merchants and clients.

Lightning Fast

Compared to traditional transactions, blockchain greatly reduces processing time from transaction to final settlement.


By developing the Peur marketplace, payment solution & payroll integration, we enable merchants to participate in the decentralized economy. All information will be secured and only available to authorized users. We may also receive Ethereum-based tokens and mobile payments, which can easily convert cryptocurrency into the local fiat currency. Peur token as a digital currency can also be used as payroll integration - a salary payment option. Peur will drive innovation in the way companies pay their employees. As the community grows the popularity of the Peur will increase.


January – February – March 2017

Start the company.

April – May – June 2017

Minimum viable product.

April 2018


May – June – July 2018

PURC listing in exchanger.

November – December 2018

Open recruitment for Peur community. Closed Peur beta platform.

February 2019

Buy back program for PRE-SALE token holder. Open Peur beta platform.

April 2019

Launch Peur marketplace and community forum.

April – May – June 2019

Peur wallet and payroll integration.

October – November – December 2019

Full e-commerce solution & exchange to fiat currency.

April – May – June 2020

PURC as major payment in app-payment, online shop & retail market.