ONO is a social network based on blockchain technology which focuses on the value of attention and offers a free, decentralized social platform to a new generation of users.

ONO believes in the value of attention. As far as ONO is concerned, there exists many valuable human social activities within a social media ecoystem and ONO recognizes the inherent value of both the supply-side and demand-side of human cognitive and social energy.

ONO believes in equality. As far as ONO is concerned, everybody is born equal in personality, so the ways to earn rewards and gain attention in social platforms shall also be equal.


ONO was crafted by Ke Xu and her team as a way to combine the community building aspects of social networks and blockchain technology. At a time where user data privacy has been mishandled by certain large companies, ONO is designed to ensure the user has full control over their data. ONO's community will have the option to exercise a vote that acts as a built-in control to preserve the value of ONOT, the ONO token.


November 2017

Project Approval.

December 2017

Build the Start-up Team.

January 2018

Complete ONO Product Design Draft.

February 2018

Technical Research and Selection, Start Development.

March 2018

Complete Demo.

April 2018

The Basic Social Function Version Online and Connected.

May 2018

Joined the EOS Jungle Test Network with node in Tokyo; will be completing the registration of 300,000 users and the ONO social network tone construction; collaborate with INBlockchain to build the EOS test network an also take part in the National 5 Cities Meetup Conference.

June 2018

Improve and Complete ONO Social Network Incentive.

July 2018

Complete EOS Access and Complete ONO Social Network Voting Mechanism.

August 2018

Complete Keynote Construction of 300,000 Users and ONO Social Network Tone Construction. Migration to EOS Mainnet. ONO Officially Opens for Registration.

October 2018

Improved and completed the small program SDK interface, Super Partner Campaign launches, and global roadshow starts.

November 2018

ONO Super Partner Campaign for entire social network, brand advertising.

December 2018

Super Partner Campaign closes to complete the number of users set at 1 million.

Q1 2019

Target 15,000,000 Users.