Gambling appeared at the dawn of civilization. In the East and West, people enjoyed gambling with pleasure and nothing - neither the authorities nor the church could stop the spread of gambling.

Ethereum-based gambling is a real revolution in the gaming online industry. The share of the Internet accounts is 30% of total income of the entire gambling industry in the world, which is rapidly developing in step with digital technologies. Of course, the development of this market requires transparency, honesty and ease of manufacture.

The solution turned out to be a decentralized technology of blockchain, which solves all the traditional problems of this market. Data and program code are stored in decentralized blocks. The decentralized blocks are in public access online.

A random number generator and open source code will provide a safe and fair game. It excludes the possibility of any manipulation!


OTT-token gives a full (100%) guarantee of payments to its holder, with the expected 100% payback ranges from 1 month (in the most favorable variant) and up to 8 months (in the most unfavorable variant). If the investor decides to refuse to participate in the project, he will be able to apply for the sale of tokens, for this we have developed a "Funds Recovery Fund" (FRF) for 100% protection of the interests of its investors. Funds Recovery Fund is formed from the sale of tokens in the amount of 30% and from instant bets in the amount of 1%. Each investor has the right to apply for the sale of his token(s) at full cost. The token will be automatically redeemed by the Issuer with Funds Recovery Fund after 90 days from the date of application. The token is redeemed strictly at the cost of the purchase price, depending on the stage of purchase at the ICO and the received referral discount.


September 2016

First ideas. Development of OneToTwo game concept. Preparations to project implementation (planning stage).

July 2017

Teambuilding. Presentation and testing of the project idea. Search for like-minded people.

October 2017

Start of the product development. Development of the game algorithm. Start of development of gaming platform. Design sketches.

January 2018

Development of web site and test version of the game. Development of the concept and structure of the site. Work on the graphical interface of the game.

March 2018

Work on White Paper. Development of options for participation in the project ICO description. Bounty project. Partnership programs. Referral program and referral links. Regional partnership.

June 2018

Work on marketing strategy. Work on Technical Paper. Creation of User Guide for the game. Description of the mathematical algorithm.

August 2018

Launch of the website and testing of gaming platform. Preparing for ICO. Selecting websites for listing the platform. Private bet-testing of the game. Public beta-testing of the game. Preparing the platform for fully-fledged launch.

September 2018

Listing. Final check of the website and the game algorithms.

October 2018

ICO Launch.

January 2019

End of the project ICO.

February 2019

Partnership regional program launch. Development of the game platform.


Start of the new game development.


Start of the new game development.