The ODEEP token is backed by the premium brand of deep ocean water Ôdeep. This utility token is related to a traceable production of bottled water on board a bottling vessel. It can produce 100M liters of drinking water from deep ocean water. The ODEEP token virtually represents 1.25L of bottled water.1L is spared and can be later swapped for a litre of Ôdeep (www.o-deep.com). The remaining 0.25L is donated to humanitarian action. The ODEEP ecosystem wants to develop a humanitarian bottled water platform at the closest to emergency needs. A delivery of 20 million litres of a dedicated brand of bottled water is then proceeded inside a sheltered warehouse. The water is distributed in 5L bottles equipped with a handle for ease of transport. The aim is to provide NGOs with 20,000,000 litres to better face water scarcity in crisis regions. 


Backed by two expert companies in blockchain and traceability (Optimum Consulting and Visionexis with FoxTag), the ODEEP Token gives access to a fully traceable water produced on board our bottling vessels. At a time when consumers are more and more inclined to obtain precise information about the origin and composition of the products they buy, we bet on our “Tracking, Traceability and Trustworthiness” motto. With the future “token to water” swap, any token holder will be able to get a litre of Ôdeep on a dedicated platform. Because water issues concern us all, ODEEP Token also allows anyone to contribute, through a donation made at the initial purchase, to the setting-up with partner NGOs the distribution of 20,000,000 litres in the Middle East & North Africa region. This initiative will equally be fully traceable to track the impact of each person's beautiful gesture.


Q4 2016

Creation of Ocean Fresh Water, Malta.

Q2 2017

Creation of the French affiliate, Ocean Fresh Water France.

Q3 2017

Letters of commercial intent from distributors.

Q4 2017

Protection of the Ôdeep brand.

Q1 2018

Activation of humanitarian networks.

14th, May 2018

Initial Token Offering kick-off.

13th, June 2018

End of Pre-sales.

13th, June 2018

Launch of the ODEEP tokens’ Main Sale.

23th, July 2018

End of the ODEEP tokens’ Main Sale.

Q1 2019

Set up of the humanitarian and logistics platform.

Q2 2019

First commercial and humanitarian deliveries of bottled water.

Q3 2019

Creation of the ODEEP application and bockchain structure.

Q4 2019

First buyback option.

Q4 2020

Launch of the ODEEP platform.

Q1 2021

Second buyback option.

Q2 2021


Q4 2021

Third buyback option.