Non-Zero is a true revolution in the way retail Forex brokers interact with their clients, because it creates a win-win situation where previously it was a zero-sum win-lose.

In the FX Retail Brokerage industry, revenues have two main sources:

  • Spreads and Commissions
  • Principal (warehousing)
  • The warehousing component is necessarily a zero-sum outcome in favour of either the broker or the client. Non-Zero Token (NZO) rebalances this relationship to a true Non-Zero paradigm.
  • The foreign exchange market is the deepest and most liquid market in the world, with daily trading volumes averaging around USD 5 Trillion.
Internet-based brokers opened the market to retail investors, resulting in a boom in retail FX trading over the last two decades. However, low industry barriers to entry resulted in a proliferation of competitors, rapid growth and undereducation of clients.

The Non-Zero token reward system solves this problem, by allowing industry participants to redistribute broker warehousing net revenues to loss-making traders:
  • Brokers get a more sustainable and loyal client base
  • Traders are rewarded for their engagement and interest in the market
  • Non-Zero has significantly invested in the engineering, development and build of the NZO token platform, utilizing industry-leading blockchain developers, cryptographers and security auditors.


The NON-ZERO Ethereum-based platform is a revolution of the broker-client relationship in the CFD trading industry. NON-ZERO allows brokers to redistribute warehousing net revenues back to their loss-making clients, rebalancing the relationship and building a community ecosystem.


June 2018

Centroid Allocation Engine. NZO Token. NZO Smart Contract Suite.

August 2018

NZO Client Application.

October 2018

NZO Broker Application.

November 2018

NZO Mobile Wallet.


NZO Cash/Equity/Bound Broker. NZO Asset Management DApp/Wallet. NZO Token on Multiple Protocol.