Hospitality market grows up at a rate of 6-7% per year and achieved $557 bln in 2017. By 2030 the market shall double and exceed $1,1 bln. At the same time the share of online bookings shall grow at advanced rates. Project goal is to create a global wide blockchain platform on hotel online booking eliminating middleman fees and covering 20% of the hospitality market that will double by 2030 exceeding $1 trillion in volume and thus outperform major rival OTAs. is an unlimited space of your traveling.  

Intro: - global wide Blockchain platform on hotel online booking eliminating middleman commissions. Our goal: be the ultimate cost leader on a trillion-worth hotel market and cut travellers’ costs up to 30%.


Q1 2017

Project idea ABAB.

Q2 2017

Project MVP ABAB.

Q4 2017

Chalk Fund on pre-sale buys ABAB.

Q1 2018

Concept widening, rebranding, team, strengthened, whire paper.

Q2 2018

Events for hoteliers, exhibitions, agreement with PMS, aggregator.

Q2 2018

Closed pre-sale. $5 m raised, white paper.

Q3 2018

Company incorporation, Extensive product development.

Q3 2018

Completed MVP and core, signed agreement with an aggregator.

Q4 2018

Roadshow, token activation.

Q1 2019

Partnership with the aggregator. Traffic.

Q1 2019

Issue of alfa-version and start of booking.Tokens are on stock exchange. The conscious choise of suitable blockchain platform from three testing platforms (such as EOS and Plasma).

Q3 2019

150,000 nights booked via the system.

Q4 2025

Full decentralization 500 m bookings.