We founded n.exchange after seeing a pressing need in the market, first-hand. From the very beginning, the idea behind n.exchange has been to establish a platform that customers can fully trust. One that is designed to have no conflict of interest with the client, and which has the potential to become the first regulated A-Book broker in the crypto sphere. We have designed our solution to have the smallest possible attack surface and, where possible, to take no custody of customer funds, whatsoever. We work hard to build a relationship of trust and transparency with our customers, we keep the system trust-free wherever possible n.exchange instant as our beach-head product. In cases where the custody of user funds is inevitable, we make sure that we follow the correct regulations to do it legally, with the correct security measures to avoid disaster, and the correct insurance coverage to recover from it, if it still strikes. We strongly believe that in order for this sphere to prosper, one of the key principles of the newly-minted crypto economy, decentralisation, must prevail. Therefore, we encourage every customer to take custody of their own funds, and to use the variety of services we offer to exchange cryptocurrency, fiat or goods, using the merchant solution; to mine or remit cryptocurrency, all under one roof – securely, transparently, and with zero transmission time.


n.exchange is a multi-component ecosystem designed to accommodate a wide variety of the cryptocurrency community’s needs. While a solution for those needs exists individually across many platforms, they are not always implemented to perfection, and are often unreliable, non-transparent or hard to use. By aggregating those components into one platform, we enhance user experience and eliminate redundancy, fees, and funds transition time. The 5 main components of the system are the Exchanges: HybriDEX multi-chain dex and n.ex- change INSTANT, MultiPick multi-mining pool, EasyMerchant solution, and a line of complementary services including high-quality content, various utilities leveraging our open API, coin capitalization and portfolio trackers and liquidity-sourcing services. Our goal is to maximize every one of the components individually, by providing an outstanding service with a sharp edge, for low fees. Thus becoming the industry’s first regulated, transparent, high-liquidity A-Book broker. As such, our main business model is sourcing liquidity to traditional financial institutions and blue-chip companies.


Q2 2016

Stealth mode

Q1 2017

API Development, private beta

Q3 2017

$500 000 USD Turnover within 2 weeks after launch - cashflow positive from day 1

Q4 2017

Websummit ALPHA, shortlist, most hyped list 500 BTC daily revenue

Q1 2018

Fiat Rollout in partnership with a major UK payment institution (USD, EUR, GBP)

Q2 2018

12 supported assets, 483 markets

Q3 2018

Fiat selling support, OTC market EasyCommerce Beta

Q4 2018

EasyCommerce Rollout, Mobile apps HybriDEX Beta

Q1 2019

Multi Pick Beta, HybriDEX Launch

Q2 2019

Multi Pick Launch, Iterative Customer Feedback implementation

Q3 2019

EMI licence, n.exchange debit card

Q4 2019

FCA licence, A-Book broker, Margin & Options trading, Institutional liquidity provider