Airdrop platform
raise awareness around your startup

As a business owner, reward users for being engaged in both your community and on social media. As an enthusiast, get multiple tokens from the projects that matter to you.


Namek enables the users to collect tokens from ongoing ICOs by finding multiple Airdrops in the same platform. The platform is also a Bounty platform, enabling users to find freelancer missions paid with tokens and cryptocurrencies. And enabling team managers to handle their teams, payments, deadlines and tasks easily. The NMK token is a utility with a commercial purpose : From Airdrop / Bounty / freelancer listing to premium users accounts, all the services provided by Namek are payable with the NMK token.


Q1 2018

Designing the platform.

Q2 2018

MVP release and tests.

Q3 2018

White Papers release and first users.

Q4 2018

Private - Pre - ICO and Smartcontract release.

Q1 2019


Q2 2019

Beta bounty & airdrop Platform release.

Q3 2019

Roadmap Update