Hex-Stack Technology is one of the most secured sphere to transact or build any application.

Naireum is a platform that provides transparency, speed and accuracy. Transactions are truly decentralized, traceable but not reversible. Hex-Stack validates the authenticity of every transaction in one direction which makes it impossible for hiding, mutilation (delete and update), Naireum is a transaction network that enables deanonymized transactions in any currency between arbitrary pairs of agents.

Naireum is not just a digital asset but it is a network built for financial institutions which makes it an engine that drives the finance industry . Hex-Stack eliminates tremendous fees associated with conventional and other decentralized network, 0.25% of every transaction is taken as the Network fee.

Hex -Stack technology is an engine built with precision having Security , Speed, Scalability and Transparency (SSST) in mind to achieve true honesty and fairness within the world of finance.


Naireum is a digital solution where users can make bank transfers, pay bills, change fiat currency into digital asset for utility anywhere, anytime.


Q1, 2018

Pre-Sale and Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Price at Pre-sale is 0.25USD and price during ICO will be 0.40USD.

Q2, 2018

Naireum listing on exchanges like Binance, Bitffinex, Bittrex, Shapeshift, Cryptopia and on Coin Market Capitilization and Wallet development.

Q3, 2018

Integrating Naireum into Payment Solutions. With the Hex-Stack technology, Naireum System can handle more than 50 Million transactions in 30 Seconds.

Q4, 2018

First FinTech Congress; the concept and technological involvement in a Financial System. The Congress will discuss the achievements and the future.

Q1, 2019

Upgrading Naireum V1.0 to Naireum V1.02. The development team will release the client sourcecode for V1.02.


Integrating Naireum 1.02 into the Banking systems, World wide Naireum Credit Card Acceptance and Introduction of Hardware's that will ease payments.