MoonX is the World’s first ‘truly’ decentralized crypto exchange. The unique decentralized ownership of the Exchange lies entirely with the Brothers and Sisters of MoonX Family. Investors, contributors, MoonX angels and traders on the platform shall be rewarded with Moon Money and they shall automatically be a brother or a sister of MoonX family. From a ‘trading exchange’ standpoint, the immutable distributed ledger technology offers a secure, transparent, and robust platform. Using blockchain as the underlying layer allows MoonX to be very flexible to offer a pure crypto exchange with both Crypto and Fiat, forming the entry and exit on a core trading engine periphery. Currently, in the crypto trading landscape there it’s a centralized ownership. This brings in a serious demand for decentralized decision making. Secondly, it means limited access to very secured and transparent assets. Third, the family members collectively participate, contribute and get rewarded. The exchanges that are available to users today, serve only a handful of people and not the entire eco-system. MoonX instills a sense of ownership for each member in the family which in-turn facilitates constant learning from each-other within MoonX Family. Eventually MoonX Family grows a bigger heart to address the needs of brothers and sisters in creating a real family based on strong ethics and values. MoonX enables every family member (Coin holders) to make decision based on smart contract which would be developed in the future. These legaly-binding contracts between 2 parties automatically react to a “if then, this that” algorithm. Meaning 1 action triggers another action. And once the information is transmitted, it can’t be undone. Issuing a smart contract to each registered family member limiting them to one vote could lay the groundwork to provide a reliable and virtually flawless decision-making voting system.


There are no listing fees for ICO projects, MoonX’s mission is to promote and help other coins to be traded with more liquidity and freedom.


500-1500 C.E

Silent Trade.


London Stock Exchange (LSE).


Amsterdam Stock Exchange.


New York StockExchange (NYSE).


Stock Market Crash.


NASDAQ - Computing in the Stock Exchanges.


HFT - Start of Development.


High-frequency trading (HFT).


First Crypto Exchanges fail in Australia.


Gold Age Inc. Shut Down.


The Bullion Exchange. 58 E-Gold Accounts Liquidate.


BITCOIN. Cryptocurrency Bitcoin launched in 2008.


Micro Second Engine.


Mt. Gox - Cryptocurrency Exchange Shut.


Cryogenic Nano Second Engine.

JAN 2018

Moon Family – Official Setup.

FEB 2018

Underground Cryogenic Bunker Plan.

JULY 31, 2018

MoonX Beta Cloud Solution - Plan.

OCT 31, 2018

MoonX Pro - Integration and Alpha Version.

NOV 2018

Underground Cryogenic Bunker - Construction Completed.

DEC 2018

Underground Cryogenic Bunker - Installed.

DEC 2018 - JAN 2019

Launch of the MoonX pro.


Top Quality ICO’s and Social Enterprise by MoonX.


Prominence of Stock Exchanges Diminishes.


Stock Market Cycle Dwindles.

2040 - 2100

MoonX - makes the world a better place.


New wave of Economic changes.