Modern Finance Chain (MF Chain) is building the future of cryptocurrency today.  A smart contract platform with merchant payment processing integration. MF Chain is bringing the first ever rewards program for both consumers AND merchants. Rewards earned are paid in the native MFX token affording the merchant and consumer freedom of choice on how they would like to spend their rewards. No rules, no additional fees, no small print terms and conditions; all decentralized and powered by the blockchain.  Freedom. MF Chain’s immediate goal is to become the foundation of commerce powered by the blockchain. Speeding adoption as cryptocurrency as a form of payment is critical to the growth of our industry. Launching initially as an ERC20 token built upon the Ethereum blockchain, MF Chain is bringing users the ability to transact using their favorite coins with merchants and earn rewards starting in 2018.  MF Chain’s payment solution and rewards program is already in final stages of development with MVP set to release in April. Providing this solution is key for MF Chain and the cryptocurrency market, but not the only goal of MF Chain.
The larger vision of MF Chain is the MF Mainnet. Offering a suite of solutions including:

  • Multi-blockchain integration
  • Verified digital identity
  • Multi-currency ICO platform
  • Multi programming language
  • Private blockchains
  • Atomic Swap
  • Smart Contract Library
  • Innovation Incubator
Set to launch in 2019, MF Chain will be bringing to market a digital utopia. One where developers and visionaries can quickly bring their ideas to life. One where consumers and merchants are completely free to interact with their cryptocurrency in any method they choose and be rewarded.  MF Chains’ goals are at the core of what cryptocurrency and blockchain represents. Freedom, choice, control, privacy and completely open sourced.


MF Chain is a public smart contract platform with merchant payment integration. MF Chain is bringing to market the first ever rewards program for both merchant and consumers that allow users to earn rewards (in the form of the native MFX token) for purchases made or processed using the MF Chain payment solution. Currently in beta testing with full launch planned in Q3 2018. The greater vision of MF Chain, is the MF Mainnet. A direct commerce integrated smart contract platform with the goal of 10’s of thousands of merchants once live.


Q4 2017

Concept & Discovery. MFC founded. R&D blockchain options. Cryptocurrency market research. Fiat payment market research. Business plan created. Team recruiting commences.

Jan 2018

Initial Business Rollout. Smart contract development commences. Whitepaper first draft. MVP Ui/Ux developed. Wire frames built out and approved. Consumer crypto payment solution MVP development begins. Merchant backend console development begins. Marketing plan developed.

Feb 2018

Development Stage. Team build out. Full development team working on multiple sprints. Market research. Consumer & Merchant focus groups. Consumer & Merchant surveys. Website development. Whitepaper draft.

March 2018

Private Offer. White paper released. Website launch. Private sale opens. Crypto community surveys. Crypto community focus groups. Marketing campaign kick off.

April 2018

Pre ICO. Pre ICO opens. BTC, ETH, MFC payments integration. MVP Release. Alpha software release. Beta testing merchants. Beta testing consumers.

May 2018

ICO. Initial Coin Offering. Public Sale. Live Token Generation Event.

June 2018

Payment Systems. Payment system integration. Sales process developed. Sales team building. Merchant processing roll out.

July 2018

Exchange. Live on exchange. HODL!

Q3 2018

250 Merchants processing with MFC. Magento Cart Plugin. Zen Cart Plugin. WordPress Plugin. WooCommerce Plugin. Big Commerce Integration.

Q4 2018

1000 Merchants processing with MFC. MFC stand alone POS hardware release.

Q1 2019

Global payment system roll out. 5000 Merchants processing with MFC. MFM Testnet deployed.

Q2 2019

MF Mainnet deployed. MFM coin swap (MFX token is swapped for MFM coin at 1:1 ratio). MFF token is issued (MFF will work as an independent payment token on the MFM Blockchain). MFF airdrop.