The medical tourism / service field is currently troubled by agent problems and no platform is available to solve them. There are currently four major agent problems. The question of brokerage expenses: An agent exists to ensure reliability between the consumer and provider of health care. But it soon led to complicated processes and inevitably led to higher brokerage expenses.
Central agency incompetence and corruption: Medical tourism consumers and medical institutions must comply because the agent has control of information and currency transac- tions. In the end, if an agent is incompetent or corrupt, it hurts all participants.
Target of hacking: Since all information and books are concentrated in one place, it is easy to become target of hacking.
Trust issue: Medical institutions and consumers lack the space to build trust, which in turn leads to a lack of trust with each other.
Using the block chain technology, Medipedia will provide a platform to solve problems above at once to resolve the challenges facing medical tourism and service participants. It also will create a new ecosystem of medical tourism and services by providing diverse differentiated services to enable the platform, providing innovative total solutions in the field of medical tourism and services in the future.


Medipedia is a medical service and medical tourism ecosystem platform that uses blockchain technology. Currently, patients face medical information asymmetry, which generates price non-transparency between patients and medical institutes. We can provide solutions by using blockchain technology to make the most transparent and decentralized medical information system in the medical tourism industry.



Publication of Whitepaper Ver.0.


PoC and Prototype Release. Website Rebranding.


Pre-Sale. 20/08/2018 00:00 GMT Publication of Whitepaper Ver.02.


1st ICO sale. 08/10/2018 00:00 GMT


2nd ICO sale. 12/11/2018 00:00 GMT


Medipedia Alpha Ver. Platform release. Matching & Consultation System.


Medipedia Beta Ver. Platform release supporting more medical departments and other service features (Insurance, Social Media, Interpreter).


Medipedia Official Ver. Platform release supporting all department. Supporting more of other service application (Insurance, medical alliance, travel service).

1st quarter/2020

Preparation of Medipedia global expansion introducing E-commerce market (Dermatology, Cosmetic product).

2nd quarter/2020

Launch Medipedia Global platform Thailand & USA.

1st quarter/2021

Establish Medical Blockchain Alliance allowing transaction of other tokens within alliance platform.