MediBitcoin Network is an Ethereum-based blockchain platform. This platform supports the 2 community by building and creating solutions devoted to improving the quality of mobilehealthcare (mhealth care) across the globe. The blockchain gives Medibitcoin (the token) the power to change the world for the better. Medibitcoin plays a foundry role in revolutionising mhealthcare industry as well as creates market intelligence through a cryptocurrency reward system that inspires active and continuous participation of the community. Medibitcoin is the first cryptocurrency that uses a decentralised review platform and transparently rewards patients and healthcare providers who make contributions, benefiting the community. The Medibitcoin Network team strongly believes in building a future mhealthcare market that will fall into the hands of the people, resulting in the disruption of the existing industries and the creation of new industries in the short and long term. Looking forward, Medibitcoin expects the platform to drastically improve self-managed mhealthcare habits, thus improving the quality of life for individuals resulting in improved overall health and increased longevity.


The project aims to develop a network where patients and healthcare practitioners are connected without any intermediary. This network will be built upon a blockchain based platform connecting patients and healthcare practitioners via a decentralised (DApp). The platform allows patients to seek 2nd opinion along with sharing diagnostic reports. At the core of technology, project aspires to offer an innovative disruptive idea within the ICT space. The platform enables efficient sharing and exchange of information with stakeholders (patient, healthcare practitioners, investors, and wider community) while ensuring data integrity and protecting patient privacy. In addition, other service offerings also form the components of this network. These are: MediExchange, MediBank, MediIntelligence (market intelligence data collection unit). This platform represents a good solution to the healthcare industry as it has huge potential of reducing cost of operations, and interoperability challenges currently plaguing the implementation of mHealth initiatives across the globe.


Q4 2017

Company founded; White paper in working; Website design and development in working; Pre-selection of social responsibility initiatives.

Q1 2018

Networking initiated; Two independent audits of smart contracts completed; Real-world Ethereum based cryptocurrency- MEDI developed; Social responsibility strategy devised; Intellectual property registration; Pre-ICO sales/ early birds rewards .

Q2 2018

ICO sales; Network development continues; MEDI DApp in development phase; MEDI community involvement in platform development where MEDI token holders will have their say on upcoming business developments.

Q3 2018

ICO sales continue; Network development continues; MEDI DApp in development phase.

Q4 2018

Community grows; Sustaining the leadership in blockchain mobile healthcare sector.