With Mavin, not only the well-known and famous but also the ordinary people are valuable influencers for marketers. They can participate in the marketing budget spend by getting paid for social media mentions directly. MARKETER
Marketers can participate in Mavin to reach micro and nano influencers, an audience which was too heterogeneous to handle efficiently so far. A higher engagement rate is a positive side effect of these kind of influencers. HUMAN VERIFIER
Mavins quality verification framework also allows people to earn money who are not interested in participating as an influencer. By being part of the verification process, human verifiers help the platform to ensure high quality standards. QUALITY VERIFICATION FRAMEWORK
Mavins quality verification framework is based on two main pillars. A first level verification is done by artificial intelligence algorithms recognizing and assessing the picture accuracy and the sentiment of the comments. Similar but more detailed inspections are made by the platforms human verifiers. This quality verification process results in an individual and highly accurate rating of every single social media mention which will end up in a quality verification score according to this assessment. AI VERIFICATION
The first level of verification occurs automatically through use of the artificial intelligence frameworks from Google and IBM. HUMAN VERIFICATION
The second level of verification is powered by people; that is, users of the Mavin platform. REWARD AND SCORING MODEL
Building on the quality verification results, Mavins reward and scoring model combines the final reward granted for a specific social media mention with the influencers profile score. Every influencer has to sharpen his personal platform profile to increase the profitability within his fields of activity. Only a well rated quality verification in combination with a target-oriented influencer profile will lead to a optimal renumeration of the influencers.


Mavin’s vision is to become a global market maker, where brands and companies (marketers) and nano and micro influencers (influencers) come together. The marketers will benefit by reaching a more extensive audience with a higher engagement rate. And the influencers will be paid by the marketers for some of their social media mentions, giving them the opportunity to participate directly in the marketing budget spend. The marketing spend will not only be distributed to well-known and famous influencers, but also to ordinary people. Because everyone’s an influencer.


April 2017

Planning Research Feasibility analysis Smart contract development

November 2017

ICO Foundation Partner onboarding Crowdsale

January 2018

Prototype Reward and scoring system Quality verification framework

April 2018

Alpha version Backend WebApp

July 2018

Beta version Invitation only

September 2018

Release candidate Public release

November 2018

Market development Adoption and improvement