The Magnetics platform will record, verify and evaluate a worker’s employment background, qualifications and life experience (including references, culture, communication skills, network, grades etc.). Magnetics’ networked intelligence systems will validate and quantify this data to produce a verified adaptability score called the Magnetics Employment Capital Score (MECS). By ranking a worker’s MECS against the Magnetics Employment Capital Index, recruiters and employers can measure the value of each candidate for current vacancies and future skill requirements. Magnetics will suggest suitable roles and recommend development mechanics (e.g. training and education) that will help them improve their MECS thus improving their ability to adapt for future shifts in global skill requirements. The functionality of the MECS tool will make it relevant to everyone and not just those seeking employment. The MECS tool will be accessed by users through a comprehensive dashboard based portal. MECS will give job seekers the ability to keep a check on recruitment agencies and ensure they are putting them forward for the correct roles. MECS will give current workers the insight needed to move into new and desired areas of employment. The Magnetics platform will provide multiple support systems for recruitment agencies. The MECS data can be used by recruitment agencies to widen the pool of suitable candidates for roles by recommending candidates with skillsets that sit outside of the specific job specifications but match or better the role in terms of suitability. Magnetics will support the recommendation of candidates to recruitment agency clients with verified and easily accessed proof of suitability and ability to adapt. The Magnetics platform will deliver wide reaching efficiencies for recruitment agencies by collating and reporting on the ability of workers to adapt to ever changing roles. Analysis and trend data will be accessed through varying degrees of agency privilege. MECS data will empower employers in a number of ways. MECS data will be used by employers to check that candidates have the required skills to meet the requirements of specific roles and the propensity to adapt to their developing workforce. Magnetics will allow employers to track vertical trends and map skill requirements against projected growth.


We’re making recruitment and job hunting a whole lot easier, and better. By ranking peoples’ scores against the Magnetics Employment Capital Index recruiters and employers can accurately measure the potential suitability of each candidate.


Phase 1 - Q1 2019

Design of user Magnetics user profile interface and architecture

Phase 2 - Q2 2019

MECS verification functionality design and development

Phase 3 - Q1 2019

Develop of primary smart contracts and token functionality for MECS powered Magnetic services

Phase 4 - Q2 2019

Recruitment agency functionality optimisation

Phase 5 - Q2 2019

Release of Magnetics Data Protocol

Phase 6 - Q3 2019

General access release

Phase 7 - Q4 2019

Release of MECS Score and indexing dashboard UI