Will create the LipChain App for surfers and sailors to post their videos and photos.

The community will vote for the best and may choose the champions monthly, Athletes can earn tokens for their videosь from the sponsors.

The team will offer additional surfing products and services with discounts for LIPS token holders.

The construction of wave pools for year-around training is planned in 2-3 years, and dedicated LipChain resort a later time.


Surfers with sponsors, unofficial competitions and year-round training habitat. 60m+ worldwide surfers will be able to earn tokens by simply practicing their favorite sport, can become champions faster and contribute to cleaner oceans in the process.


November 2016

In is concluded that the creation of a digital coin would make sense to add to the worldwide surfing community.

February - November 2016

Dissemination of the concept with several national surfers.Encrypted currency development.

January 2018

Launch of LIPCHAIN in the market through ICO.

February - March 2018

To buy a boat and to create the sailing team to beat the world rcord. To start the sponsoring of sailing activities.

April – May 2018

To develop the sponsorship for regatta and sailing team both adult & junior.

September 2018

Launch of the APP Captivation of all outsiders.

October 2018

Communication, adverting and promotion of LIPCHAIN.

November 2018 - April 2019

To end the ICO, in the case the hard-cap is not reach before the end.