Online sourcing between buyers and sellers is often a grueling, awkward, time consuming and costly process. Users of large social networking sites encounter overwhelming amounts of spam and scams. Platforms such as LinkedIn can be valuable for job seekers and general networking within a person's own circle. However venturing outside of that circle to conduct business can be very risky for buyers and a tremendous waste of time for suppliers who often pitch their services to people of whom 99% have no interest or need for their offerings. Solutions designed specifically for freelancers & job seekers such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Pro Finder offer some benefits over more generic social networks, but frequently charge exorbitant fees (eg. 20%) or Suppliers demand prohibitively high hourly/fixed rates. These challenges prevent many contractors and those seeking their services from transacting effectively. The LINKCHAIN team is solving this Risk//Eciency/Cost (REC) problem by allowing Buyers and Suppliers to come together on our hybrid blockchain-based platform to conduct business in a manner that is safe for both parties. Our goal is to build a platform that focuses and caters to the needs of both Buyers and Suppliers. The value for Buyers is allowing them to easily filter, search, screen and identify high quality candidates at a price within their budget. For Suppliers, the value is in the ability to easily search and identify high quality projects and generate consistent sustainable revenue without paying the high fees and associated costs of using other platforms. To onboard and maintain only legitimate users on our platform we are developing a comprehensive verification, trust & reputation management system. Furthermore with our proprietary AutoMatchTM, CercaMatchTM and AI-powered Virtual Interviewer we are establishing an easy-to-use customizable dashboard interface and sourcing experience that matches Buyers with Suppliers. Both Buyers and Suppliers are verified, and Suppliers have an opportunity to build their reputation through successful completion of projects. Buyers can source projects without having to worry about being scammed or paying for poor quality work. This is the core business model, which by itself is a sustainable business model.  


LINKCHAIN is a new Supply Chain startup developing a hybrid blockchain platform that allows buyers & sellers to transact business in a secure fashion. LINKCHAIN provides a real life solution by providing a low-cost, safe and secure environment in which both the Buyer and the Supplier can be sure that if each party satisfies their obligations, they will receive what they agreed to. LINKCHAIN provides a strong revenue and profit model with a low B/E point LINKCHAIN was conceived by the founder out of 8 months of sheer frustration from attempting to do meaningful business on key networking platforms such as LinkedIn. LINKCHAIN solves the unsecured transactions problem between buyers and sellers: Freelancers, contractors, and suppliers are aggressively marketing their services using social networking platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. There is a High Engagement Risk for new, unknown suppliers - i.e., “Unsecured Transactions,” or transactions where both the buyer and supplier of goods and services are at risk of being defrauded. Even long term buyer/supplier relationships can be at risk as disputes arise frequently that may cause one party to breach the agreement. Suppliers can hold hostage to websites, social media accounts, and others.


September 2018

Prototype Launch.

January 2019

MVP Release.

November 11 2018


June 2019


March 2019


August 2019

Begin CercaMatch TM Development.