LAPO Blockchain


PROBLEM OVERVIEW The world of crypto is growing, everyday more companies are exploring new applications of blockchain technology,
people are investing more and more into ICOs but the traditional financial world is not integrated.
Cryptocurrencies like Ether, Bitcoin or DASH are too volatile and have a nominal value that is too high for using it
for everyday shopping. The wallets are typically not user friendly and buggy. You often need separate wallets (with
long & tricky setup) for different types of cryptos. The business world has many services for collecting crypto payments online or offline but they are not easy to use,
they don’t provide a high level of security, or stability of the assets, they have low levels of customer support, and
don’t support the automatic exchange to US Dollar, Swiss Francs or other fiat assets in a easy, fast and automatic
Furthermore the transaction fees that businesses pay for fiat/crypto transactions are too high and processing
times are too long. LAPO believes these are the core reasons the adoption of cryptocurrency into the everyday business is very limited.

LAPO BLOCKCHAIN, THE SOLUTION! LAPO Blockchain will build a stable reliable bridge between cryptofinance and traditional financial world. LAPO Coin is
the core of the LAPO ecosystem, called the LAPO ePlatform. The ePlatform includes a human centric simple and
effective multi currency Wallet, Payment processing in multiple cryptocurrencies, fast private transactions, realtime
decentralised trading (wallet-to-wallet), Smart Contract functionality with Tokenization features connected to
the LAPO Bank forming a complete ecosystem. FEATURES IN A GLANCE: LAPO Coin is a Cryptocurrency for real world application

  • Human centric and Privacy focused;
  • Lightweight Blockchain size;
  • Fast transaction time, only 2 to 5 seconds;
  • Atomic Swap;
  • Superblock Lottery Reward;
  • Aliasing system designed to avoid Spoofing, Phishing & Typing errors;
  • Multi language and professionally designed Wallet for the best User Experience (UX) and for a flat
    learning curve for end users; using Near Field Communications (NFC) for funds transfer and payment.
LAPO ePlatform (ecosystem) to help build broad acceptance
  • LAPO Trading Platform (LTP): a decentralised exchange to trade AltCoins, LAPO Tokens and LAX. The platform can convert immediately your LAX into FIAT value or other AltCoins;
  • Merchant Portal: a business oriented/extendable wallet with business intelligence capabilities and with report functionalities.;
  • LAPO eGateway (LEG): easy to use API to integrate payments in your online shop, app, etc…;
  • LAPO Sale Point (LSP): to accept LAPO with your mobile phone, computer or tablet APP directly in your shop or anywhere you do business;
  • LAPO Direct Marketing (LDM): provides to the business using the Merchant Portal the ability to create customised promotions to push directly into the LAPO wallet holders;
  • LAPO Payment Protection (LPP): to protect customers from fraud, scams and stolen items;
  • LAPO Stability Fund: used to protect the coin against artificial price volatility of the LAX;
  • LAPO Foundation: mission is to generate and distribute resources to support the digitalisation of education for children around the world.


LAPO Blockchain is building a revolutionary financial platform empowering businesses, traders and consumers with a human centered payment solution integrated with a secure decentralized exchange powered by artificial intelligence. With this technology it will be possible to reduce transaction fees and complexity for business and increase access and usability for people through innovative and integrated blockchain and financial services solutions. LAPO brings stability with traditional Swiss expertise in financial services to crypto assets worldwide.


May 2017

Started developing the concept behind LAPO ePlatform and LAPO Coin

June 2017

LUI.IS GmbH Blockchain Lab started the development of the UX of the wallet

July 2017

Based on the feedbacks they implemented a new design and a new UX approach for the mobile wallet.

September 2017

Another Usability test was performed and feedbacks were implemented. They started the development of the first blockchain MVP based on Cryptonote

December 2017

The blockchain design and testing was not as expected and we decided to move from a Cryptonote Blockchain to a DASH Blockchain model. LUI.IS Blockchain Lab started to work in the design and UX of the ePlatform

February 2018

Website & Lean White Paper Alpha Network Test Whitelist investment

March 2018

Announcement Pre-Sale

June 2018

PRESALE END Network go Live with Simple Desktop Wallet, we're ready to be mined! Starting distribution of LPX

Q3 2018

Listed at least in 3-5 Exchanges Simple Mobile Wallet LAPO eGateway beta Beta Merchant Portal API v.0.5 1st LAPO Conference

Q4 2018

Mobile wallet with contactless-payment system API v.1.0 LAPO eGateway go live! LAPO SalePoint beta Merchant Portal go live! LAPO Trading Platform Beta

Q1 2019

Mobile Business Wallet LAPO Sale Point launched! LAPO Tokenizator Beta

Q2 2019

New Algorithm implementation API v.2.0 Partnership with POS company LAPO Tokenizator Beta is ready!

Q3 2019

LAPO TradingPlatform launched! Network v.2.0 Launch LAPO Smart Contract is ready! Listed in one of the TOP 10 Exchanges

Q4 2019

2nd LAPO International Conference LAPO Transaction Protection Integration API v.3.0 Bank Acquisition