With the evolution of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and mobile devices, participants in the global economy have been presented with a profound
opportunity: a chance to apply ingenious creativity to money and to be part of an empowering peoplecentric revolution. Yet, despite this opportunity, current blockchain payment systems and their cryptocurrencies have suffered from severe price volatility, limiting their holder’s desire to be used as tender. This makes many of these mediums unsuitable for commercial exchange. The Kinesis Monetary System is specifically designed to overcome these drawbacks through the development of a universally adopted, decentralized, asset-backed monetary system. A monetary system that is efficient, secure, fair, and incentivizes commercial exchange. This system combines new world decentralized technology with the oldest, fairest, and most sustainable form of money, to empower and serve the interests of us all equally and capitalistically. This paper outlines our vision and philosophy behind the Kinesis Monetary System, detailing the core components and products supporting its innovative ecosystem. More importantly, analysis is provided that specifically highlights Kinesis’ unique currency specifications and quantitatively proves the concept behind our incentivized multifaceted yield system. These features differentiate Kinesis as a stable, useful, secure, and rewarding platform to facilitate commerce.


Kinesis introduces yield-bearing digital currencies based 1:1 on allocated physical gold (KAU currency) and silver (KAG currency). The Kinesis currencies offer a unique yield system to encourage adoption and stimulate use. When KAU and KAG are transferred between holders the network collects a 0.45% fee that is then accumulated and distributed monthly, in varying proportions, to participants in the Kinesis Monetary System as a ‘yield’.



Conceptualizing the ways humanity could return to the Gold Standard.

Mid 2017

The build and completion of the proprietary Primary Marketplace environment.

Early-Mid 2018

Launching the Kinesis Velocity Token.

Early 2017

Investigating smart-contract capabilities across multiple leading cryptocurrencies.

Late 2017

Development of both the unique and revolutionary Kinesis Currencies and Kinesis Velocity Token.

Early 2019

The launch of Kinesis Currencies, whereby KAU is backed 1:1 by 1g of 99.99% pure physical gold and KAG by 10 grams of silver.