JCASH: Based in Singapore: ICO manager, promoter and creator. Responsible for fundraising, marketing, and token issuance once ICO is completed. This entity will develop the mobile application and advertising exchange platform. JiojioMe Network: Based in Singapore, actively working on developing the network and distribution globally for any JiojioMe user. The JiojioMe Network already has more than 40,000 users from the Beta Launch in Singapore (Dec 31 2017) and more than 500 merchants and retailers in Singapore. The JCASH project is focused on creating an ecosystem of services that drive demand for the token, providing enough revenue for the network to operate at no cost to the user, and ultimately generating enough revenue to share with token holders as dividends.


JCASH is the cryptocurrency used on the JiojioMe's application. The JiojioMe app is a social app that combines and benefit users, merchants (businesses), and advertisers. JCASH works on a Proof Of Activity (POA) consensus where users get rewarded daily based on their level of activity within the app and the Jio Market is where users may use their JCASH to buy goods and services Merchants (Businesses) provides. Advertisers may target their advertisements to users based on their hobbies and liking and may even choose to pay users JCASH for viewing their ads. The JiojioMe app will benefit users as they enjoy special promotions/discounts from merchants, merchants will benefit from higher customers patronisation rates and customer retention rates, and advertisers will benefit from giving ads to users.


Nov 2016

Incorporation of Jio Technologies Limited

Q2 2017

Building App Store & Google Play Version

Q3 2017

App Beta Test & Completion

Q4 2017

Singapore Launch JiojioMe App

Q2 2018

Expansion Malaysia KL & Pre ICO Launch

Q3 2018

Preparing Exchanges & Wallets Security. ICO Completion JCASH Exchange listing.

Q4 2018

Launch Loyalty Programs (Merchants)

Q2 2019

Taipei Expansion. Bangkok Expansion.

Q3 2019

Acquire 10M users 10k Merchants

Q4 2019

S.E.A Expansion