The world of virtual currencies is booming today. The first cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin, was created in 2009. The frst altcoin, the Litecoin, was created in 2011. It improves on bitcoin by speeding up the transaction system. The Ethereum was frst seen in 2015. It was the first cryptocurrency to ofer smart contracts; a real revolution. The main goal of Istrium is to allow as many people as possible to create their monetary blockchain in just a few clicks. The market is new, immense and limitless. It depends only on the imagination of users. Istrium's aim is to ofer you innovative and attractive services on secure, labelled infrastructures. Istrium will provide you with simple, qualitative and secure blockchain maintenance and deployment solutions.


Istrium is a free, simple and intuitive blockchains generator. With Istrium, individuals and organisations can easily create blockchains allowing them: To dispose of their customised cryptocurrency and; To store data in a secure, decentralised and tamper-proof environment.


JUNE 21 2018

Istrium PRE-ICO ends; Istrium ICO starts 50 % bonus.

AUGUST 19 2018

ICO ends; Referencing Istrium on trading platform.

Q3 2018

Communication plan phase 1; Website Release Version 2.0; User blockchain managing interface; Generator of cryptocurrencies.

Q4 2018

Communication plan phase 2; Website Release Version 3.0: Graphics updates,Trading place Istrium; Token transfer on Istrium mainnet.

Q1 2019

Communication plan phase 3; Website Release Version 4.0: Graphics updates, Search engine in associated blockchains.