Intellos is a new kind of digital investment bank whose mission is the democratization of wealth and enablement of macro-level financial inclusion through the creation of an ecosystem of financial technology products and services that open novel new investment opportunities, algorithmic trading, digital banking services, and access to capital to a global audience. Intellos is essentially a tokenized open source version of Goldman Sachs but with equal and global access due to the borderless attributes provided by distributed ledger technology. Due to the setup of Intellos, now in places like rural India one can earn profit by investing a micro amount of cryptocurrency into a Coin Traded Fund that has been built on proven algorithms, or through a similar fund offered by Intellos such as an S&P500 Coin Traded Index fund. From a legal standpoint, Intellos is a trust based foundation domiciled in the British Virgin Islands, and has no shareholders. The overall structure of Intellos consists of two trusts: Intellos Foundation and Intellos Fund. The Intellos Foundation’s purpose is the ownership and management of the Intellos Protocol which provides various services that power the Intellos ecosystem, as well as the decentralized computing capabilities required to run Intellos. The Intellos Fund Trust’s purpose is to maintain licenses that enable the deployment of securities, such as Coin Traded Funds, Indexes and Equities. The decision to use a shareholder-less trust to operate the Intellos ecosystem was based on forethought to create a new Digital World Bank, whereby there is no ownership by any person/s or entity. Management of these trusts are influenced through the usage of Intellos Improvement Proposals. Intellos is the first true Digital World Bank that operates without borders and provides equal opportunities no matter where or who you are.


Intellos is closing the global wealth gap by creating a protocol based crypto investment bank. We're enabling equal access to performant, custodian-less investment opportunities and next-generation financial technology via the Intellos Protocol.