Economic systems should not hinder or undermine progress, but should instead serve creators by helping to facilitate and support their diverse choices, undertakings, and aims. Guided by this belief, the mission of Hyperbridge is to build better economies, to initialize a new economic structure that serves and empowers creators of products and services. This will be achieve this through  our adaptive digital distribution platform, BlockHub. BlockHub implements blockchain technology and a decentralized organizational structure in order to bring creators and users together in an efficient, fair, and collaborative environment. Our belief is that by removing the barriers developers face in getting their products to market, we will expedite the process of creative innovation. As distributed ledger technology improves, becoming more efficient and functional, it will support a larger population of contributors. BlockHub will facilitate this shift by providing access to the forefront of next-generation technologies. Blockchain is an emerging network technology that functions as a globally distributed ledger of value, enabling exchanges between peers without the need for a trusted intermediary. The nature of the distributed ledger makes it both easy and cost-efficient to create networks that do not require a central point of control, such as a peer-to-peer marketplace, that facilitates the buying and selling of digital assets, products, and services. The inherent ability of blockchain technology to issue, trade, manage, and service these assets in a secure and reliable manner makes it particularly appealing as the foundation for a more effective and efficient type of economy. Nevertheless, one barrier to blockchain adoption is rooted in the complexity of converting legacy technologies over to blockchain. Payments, asset digitization, and sales are all processes well-suited for blockchain conversion and represent foundational pieces of next generation economies, yet in many current blockchain projects these pieces are not conveniently packaged.


Hyperbridge is developing decentralized protocols for the deployment of dapps within an industry specific “micro-economy”, facilitated through their protocol-driven platform BlockHub to unite producers & consumers. The first focus will be on the gaming industry,. BlockHub will provide game developers with an out-of-the-box solution to fundraise, market, and publish their games, while also giving consumers a vibrant marketplace to find new, innovative titles.


Q2 2017

Idea & Conceptualization.

Q3 2017

Team Formation. Market Analysis. Proof of Concept (PoC).

Q4 2017

Whitepaper Prototype Incorporation.

Q1 2018

Expanding team.

Q2 2018

Marketing efforts kicked off. Partnership for future efforts.

Q3 2018

Platform beta release.

Q4 2018

Platform official release. Public token sale.

Q1 2019

Mobile support. Partner program initiative.

Q2 2019

Additional blockchain support.

Q3 2019

Further extension development.

Q4 2019

Formation of standard committee.


Drive Adoption.




Support mainstream interopability.