Hybrid Betting


Hybrid Betting profit model is based on the number of shifts played: each sport event can be a shift, we will take a small fee at the end of the betting phase (when punters make their decision) just before the event starts. Events shift can be composed by one sport event or more events together: we will set up all the events shift but in the future we can consider that events shift can be created by players too. We are considering a fee from 0.5% for bigger events to 2% for smaller events: no matter how low this fee is, it is raw profit for Hybrid Betting, as we don’t have funds at risk during play. The profits from this are also HYB tokens, increasing their demand as a consequence.


We invented our own betting game: no bookie, no algos, no odds: just competitors. Hybrid Betting is not just about betting is about strategy and numbers: we called that "Strategic Betting", the risk/reward management and the score calculation are proprietary nobody else offers something similar.


Q1-Q2-Q3 2017

Market Research

Q4 2017

Website, White Paper, Bounty Program Start and Beta Product Release

Q1-Q2 2018

Development & Community Building

Q2-Q3 2018

Continuation of Development & Other Improvements, Pre Sale

Q3 2018

Crowdsale, Community Growth, Further Improvements

Q1 2019

Full Launch, Betting License Acquisition, Additional Features, Advertising & Community Building