Unlike the other cryptocurrency start-ups that began during the Bitcoin valuation frenzy, WankCoin is the oldest and most trusted crypto token in adult already. That’s because WankCoin began in 2014 and over the last 5 years the coin has become a valid form of payment at hundreds of the most popular adult sites online. This is a currency that is already in use, with a history of fair use and a very experienced team of technical experts helping it to become the industry standard. The whitepaper, team bios and technical specifications of WankCoin give it a unique pedigree worthy of your investment, and its continuous usage over more than five years prove once again that when it comes to adult entertainment, age definitely matters. About WankCoin With more than 20 years of experience developing cutting edge technologies and driving advancements in several relevant sectors including: Entertainment, Online Payment Processing, Video Encoding, Virtual Reality Production, App Development and CPA Advertising Networks, the WankCoin team has proven itself capable of identifying and solving issues in the online business world with very positive results. In 2013, the team recognized the difficulties that all payment facilitators in the Adult Entertainment Industry were dealing with as part of their day-to-day operations. Banks refuse to work with clients in the industry, the credit card association treats the industry harshly, alternative payment solutions charge up to 35% in fees to process transactions, and the many companies that previously aimed to solve these challenges rarely lasted more than a few months. An Already Proven Solution: Officially Launched in 2014, WankCoin debuted as an SHA256 Cryptocurrency Coin, and was recently converted to a fully compliant ERC20 token on the Etherium platform, making WankCoin the safest anonymous and secure way to pay for adult entertainment. That’s why WankCoin is already accepted by more than 100+ top brands, including the 2018 Virtual Reality Site of the Year! Anonymous Confidentiality: Blockchain technology protects a consumer’s personal information and bestows an important layer of anonymity throughout any transaction. In other venues the anonymity of crypto payments may not be a key feature, but when it comes to purchasing adult entertainment it is especially important to many of the millions of consumers who subscribe and purchase adult content each month. WankCoin is a way to buy adult entertainment completely incognito, without being discovered by a coworker, spouse, employer or any other nosey overseer. Elimination of Two-Way Fraud: For decades the adult industry has been plagued by two-way fraud. Several unscrupulous business owners have abused hidden fees, recurring billing, cross sales and other tactics to squeeze more money out of a consumer than the buyer intended to pay at the point of sale. Simultaneously, “fraudsters” have used bogus charge-backs and other tactics to access adult content without actually paying the amount they agreed. WankCoin eliminates both forms of fraud completely and resets the relationship between merchants and buyers by creating a payment process that uses a fixed one-time buy price for tokens, which are securely exchanged without any tricks by either party. The use of WankCoin prevents recurring payments, eliminates hidden or misleading fees and prohibits many forms of consumer fraud, making WankCoin a huge breakthrough for Merchants and Consumers of all adult content. Crowd-Funding Empowered: Many mistakenly believe that adult content is free and therefore people will no longer pay for it. In fact that is very far from the truth. In reality, millions of people continue to pay for adult products. Why do they pay for something they could otherwise get for free? The simple fact is, consumers understand that buying content from a particular producer is what funds future content in that same niche from that studio. It’s the power of voting with their wallets for whatever they want to see next. With WankCoin, 100% of the money a consumer pays for a product goes directly to the merchant, ensuring the best chance that money will be re-invested into the product itself, rather than being leeched away by unnecessary payment processing middlemen. Red Tape Breakthroughs: Few industries have ever faced the level of regulatory scrutiny that the adult industry is forced to overcome. As a matter of fact, even the use of the word “forced” is specifically prohibited by Visa and the credit card associations. WankCoin removes the unfair burden of nonsensical regulations that are imposed by card associations on “high risk” industries by giving customers and merchants access to an autonomous method of payment that restores the natural order. When an adult buyer and seller agree, there doesn’t need to be anyone else stepping in between them to evaluate their choices…. and with WankCoin, the hoops people currently jump through just to buy what they want are removed completely! B2B Payment Solution: Going beyond the point of sale, adult businesses also frequently face obstacles on the B2B side of their operations as well. Making what should be simple payments to performers, affiliates, traffic networks or anyone else usually comes with absurd fees for international transactions or poorly reasoned prohibitions on certain types of transfers without any meaningful method of appeal. Finally, business owners can work together without fear that their accounts will be closed for no good reason, or that they will be saddled with massive fees for minor transactions. Instead, everyone can use WankCoin to quickly; simply and securely make payments to anyone else anywhere in the world instantaneously. Summary: When it comes to adult cryptocurrency age matters most. WankCoin is the oldest sector specific token in adult. The WankCoin token is backed by an experienced team with decades of proven success in several relevant areas of expertise. The entire currency is now ERC20 compliant on the long-standing Etherium platform. Instead of going with the newest coin to come on the market, WankCoin investors are able to own a cryptocurrency token that has already stood the test of time. For more information, a detailed whitepaper, or to contact the management team directly.


WANKCOIN drives and promotes accessibility, privacy and trust in the $100 billion + adult entertainment industry by providing a next generation payment solution to exceed next generation expectations. Built on the Ethereum ERC20 blockchain algorithm, WANKCOIN (WKC) is an actively used utility token developed and supported by leading influencers with over 20 years industry experience. Replacing outdated and overregulated payment systems while eliminating excessive fees was a cornerstone and driving force for implantation and further expansion of WKC. In a volatile environment where fiat currency and personal data are subject to uncertainty and risk, WANKCOIN is the digital decentralized currency designed to champion and rejuvenate stability, anonymity and loyalty.


FEB 26, 2014

WANKCOIN launched as SHA256 coin

MAY 21, 2014

WANKCOIN accepted on adult sites for the first time

MAY 1, 2018

WANKCOIN converted to ERC20 token

MAY 7, 2018

WANKCOIN re-launched, token sale & swap opens

JUNE 18, 2018

WANKCOIN Wallet launch

JULY 4, 2018

WANKCOIN accepted on a Major tube site

JULY 16, 2018

Get Paid To Watch Porn!

AUG 1, 2018

WANKCOIN accepted on 3rd Virtual Reality site

SEPT 10, 2018 launches, blockchain age verification network

OCT 2, 2018

WANKCOIN partners with major Fantasy Sports site

NOV 6, 2018

WANKCOIN added to major crypto exchanges

DEC 3, 2018

Game changing Virtual Reality camera released

JAN 7, 2019, WANKCOIN’s Payment Gateway launches

MAY 2019

Major Clip Store accepts WANKCOIN

JULY 2019 Beta Launch