Traditional car ownership is declining as more people than ever are choosing to hire a car from private individuals or to car share. This trend is set to continue rising due to factors such as government regulation, demographic changes and cost.

In a rapidly-decentralising world there is a strong motivation to upset incumbent, centralised services and to create user-oriented alternatives. By leveraging the blockchain to create a trustless, decentralised rental platform, HireGo aims to overcome the shortcomings of existing solutions such as;

  • High transaction fees; existing centralised platforms charge up to 35%
  • Centralised ownership and ‘pooling’ of data becomes target for data theft
  • Monopolisation of user data and reviews
Our goal is to speed up the transition to decentralised car hire and car sharing whilst enabling a seamless user experience.


HireGo is the first car sharing and rental application in the emerging decentralised sector. Built in partnership with Origin Protocol. It is our goal to set the technological and usability standards for the car hire industry, providing a professional, secure platform for users. By leveraging the blockchain to create a trustless, decentralised rental platform.


Quarter 2, 2018

Launch HGo Token crowdsale (ICO) and list on crypto currency exchanges

Quarter 3, 2018

Deliver the first beta of the HireGo iOS app

Quarter 4, 2018

Deliver HireGo app for Android, issue token incentives for early users

Quarter 1, 2019

Deliver HireGo web app

Quarter 2, 2019

Provide APIs to allow other apps to use HireGo tokens

Quarter 3, 2019

Release beta version of HireGo car sharing platform

Quarter 4, 2019

Integration of IoT devices for smart contract enabled car sharing (beta)