The Higher is the Uber in the marijuana sale and delivery market. The mobile application combines internet-store and delivery service. The buyer does not need to communicate the support team. He chooses the commodity in just some clicks and orders via mobile application. Each courier has the commodity presented in the internet-store. Upon getting the message about the order via the mobile application, he brings it to the buyer. The Higher gets average $10 per each order.


Innovative platform changing the rules of the game on the market of sale and delivery of marijuana. Today in California, tomorrow in all legalized jurisdictions.


October 2017

Start of the Higher project development.

April 2018

Finalization of the Beta version of the mob. app. Starting the PreICO.

May 2018

Registration of a license, opening an office. Start of the ICO.

November 2017

Start of the development of Alpha version of the mob.app.

March 2018

Preparation for Pre ICO, start of the advertising campaign.

June 2018

Summarizing the ICO Entering tokens to exchanges First trial deliveries.

December 2017

T h e te a m is fu l ly fo rm e d.

February 2018

Start of the development of Beta version of the mob. app.

July 2018

Launch of the Higher.

July-October 2018

Monthly coverage of 1-2 new districts.