HeroApp is all about revolutionizing engagement. This is a social network with the possibility of issuing own cryptocurrency, which offers a tool for making agreements and interactions between people and businesses. In HeroApp, your cryptocurrency becomes an indicator of quality and value of your personal brand. HeroApp helps you build and develop it: the more fulfilled agreements and interactions you have, the more powerful your cryptocurrency will grow. People’s trust will build your value. Users will interact with brands and each other with the help of the blockchain technology, exchanging cryptocurrency for services, discounts, rewards and privileges. HeroApp opens up new possibilities for influencers to engage their audiences, and for businesses to work with their clients.


Our mission is to bring together emerging and existing influencers, professionals, brands, businesses and their audiences in a transparent and safe blockchain environment for making deals, agreements and interactions with people who use their goods and services.


1 October 2017

Development of App and Platform

1 December 2017

60% of App Done

25 December 2018

Preparing for Pre-ICO

18 January 2018


28 February 2018

Finish of Pre-ICO and preparing for ICO

1 April 2018


10 May 2018

Finish of ICO and preparing for integrations with the cryptocurrency exchanges

1 September 2018

Finalize platform: iOS+Android Apps

1 October 2018

Massive promotional campaign

1 December 2018